[tor-project] Notes from June 13 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Thu Jun 20 13:15:05 UTC 2019

Notes for June 13 2019 meeting:

0) Ola and Chelsea are still in jail.
1) We kicked off the RACE project, and this week Cecylia is meeting with
the integration team to teach them that there is a pluggable transports API.
1b) Micah has a job posting up for a censorship circumvention developer
/ researcher to work for Georgetown in the DC area, on building better
pluggable transports, on the theory of obfuscation, and (maybe less fun)
on staying coordinated with all the other teams working on RACE. Think
about whether you know a good person!
2) Our NSF CCRI proposal, for Rob to improve Shadow, has been
recommended for funding. We'll be hiring a Shadow developer (managed by
Rob) sometime this fall. Micah will be hiring one at Georgetown too.
When that gets going, I'll be looking for volunteers on the Tor side to
help steer the project to be most useful to Tor too.
3) I met with Prateek and Aaron Johnson this week to start revamping our
NSF Medium proposal (with plans to submit it at the end of June).
4) I'm exploring the idea of getting phw and cohosh to work with the
Tapdance folks on an NSF TTP proposal, or a Tapdance integration with
Tor Browser, or both.
5) I went with Isa and Sue and Sarah last week to the MDF meeting to
discuss strengthening our foundation connections.
6) I spent this past weekend at a local hacker con, reconnecting to the
organizers of other American hacker cons and doing general outreach.
7) This week is the program committee discussion phase for putting
together the FOCI program.
8) Next week a pile of us are going to Whistler for Mozilla All Hands.
I'm going to lead some brainstorming to help us remember, and then sort
and triage, all the things we ought to do to make Tor faster for browser
users, with a focus on things that we already at-least-kind-of
understand and just need to buckle down and do.
9) I'd like to call attention to Moritz's post about the future of
torservers.net, since wherever it goes from here could be a big deal.
10) Pili, what news on the frontdesk at rt investigation? pili: I've been
too busy with the community portal to look into it, once it's in a
better shape I can look into it
11) I still owe people some peer reviews. :/
12) We should build a plan for tea time and the Whistlers

1) Productive meeting with MDF, Isa, Roger, and Sue last week.
2) Working on stewardship plans for major donors and foundations.
3) Pushing monthly giving program along and next set of invites will go
out once we have a sample patch from the vendor.
4) Helping Isa set up and prepare for major donor meetings.
5) Preparing for a crowdfunding campaign BTCPayServer has offered to
conduct for us.
6) Helping with MDF proposal.
7) Will be afk June 14, and June 19-24 but available on email and Signal.
8) Working on finding connectors to foundations and major donors we'd
like to connect with.

1) Team got 0.4.1 out; master branch is now 0.4.2
2) What should I do about people with missing feedback?

1) drafted scheduled from proposed sessions
2) helped MDF grant proposal
3) helped anarcat draft an evaluation to email and options going forward
to discuss (next week?) here
4) started looking at report sponsor V
5) moz/tor meeting & helping with all hands corodination
6) RACE meeting and trying to keep up with it
7) gettor organizing is happening in gitlab
8) other tasks like roadmaps update/checking

1) Working on metrics; meeting scheduling; tuning and R&D items for
Mozilla all hands
2) Considering topics for Tor meeting
3) Working on peer feedback
4) Feeling a little ill

1) getting situated after holiday, going through a lot of emails
2) will submit for def con ama w roger this week. plans for a badge are
moving fwd - thanks to anto for the design help!
3) community portal feedback

1) Still trying to get community portal ready
2) Helping out with dev meeting schedule
3) Reviewing media.tpo and trying to come up with a plan to unify with
https://github.com/TheTorProject/tor-media as well as UX content
4) Still haven't got around to looking at Frontdesk :(
5) Season of Docs enquiries
6) Started working on updating S9 Phase 3 workplan comments
7) usual roadmap and ticket gardening

1) Preparing for All Hands.
2) Reprocessing OnionPerf logs to include more detailed error codes in

1) Meeting with Isa, Sarah, Roger and MDF
2) General Accounting Stuff

1) We finally got all our point releases out, yay!
2) HackerOne bug triage
3) slowly prepping for Whistler
4) toolchain work and reviews for Firefox 68 ESR transition

1) testing OONI Probe for desktop, opening some issues, working in OONI
2) working with fundraising on a monthly donors campaign
3) working with s27 onions, review #30024, meeting stakeholders
4) TBA - worked on #30540 and #24920
5) TB - reviewing acat proposal for ESR68 and scoping ux work for it
6) organizing user research material, syncing with Narriral about the
latest Uganda trip, organizing next Kenia visit
7) organizing sessions for the dev meeting

1) Met with MDF last week
2) Board meeting this week
3) Working on follow ups from the MDF meeting
4) Reviewing MDF proposal and Sida

1) hardware survey in progress
2) worked on an evaluation for the email hosting and alternatives, still
in progress, expect more discussion next week
3) started looking at trac to gitlab migration, might be controversial
but so far so good https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30857
4) almost done with huge internal puppet project, very satisfying but
less shiny than the prometheus stuff

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