[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes 10 June 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Jun 10 18:06:00 UTC 2019


Our weekly Tor Browser meeting just ended. The IRC log can be found at


and the contents from our pad are:

    - Reminder: The monthly Tor/Mozilla meeting is tomorrow at 8 AM
Pacific Time / 11 AM Eastern Time

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Worked on #30000 (Integrating client-side authorization to
onion services v3).
            - Continued to work on the Onion Services client auth prompt
        - Helped with bug triage:
            - #30565 (Corrupted Linux 64bit browser).
            - #30718 (Tor is inconsistent on virtual disk drives)
            - #30732 ("Your Firefox is critically out of date" banner).
        - Thought about how to test the fix for #18101 on macOS (IP leak
from Windows/macOS UI dialog with URI).
    This week:
        - Review for #18101 (IP leak from Windows/macOS UI dialog with URI).
            - at the same time, test Snowflake on macOS 10.9.x.
        - More work on the Onion Services client auth prompt (#30237).
        - Maybe: #29197 (remove use of overlays from Tor Launcher)
        - Maybe: #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase — updater patches).

    Last week:
        Rebasing mobile/ commits onto FF68 branch
        Some BridgeDB reviews
        Updated only-private-tabs on Android (#24920)
        Filed "Begin bootstrapping immediately after success" (#30756)
        Stumbled over "search.disconnect.me don't work for a long time
now" during rebase (#27437)
        Some alpha release prep
    This week:
        Understand why the new alpha release is rejected by Google Play
and resolve it. (GeKo: We'll block the mobile part of the release but
proceed with the other platforms)
        Alpha release
        More rebasing and begin testing FF68 branch
        Fastlane (#26844)
        F-Droid (#27539)
        Bug fixing

    Last week:
        - helped with publishing 8.5.1
        - helped with building 9.0a2
        - made patch for #30779 (OpenSSL 1.1.1c is not built reproducibly)
        - worked on #28672 (Android reproducible build of Snowflake):
finally managed to build some snowflakeclient.aar file. I still need to
clean-up patches, and find where the snowflakeclient.aar file should be put.
    This week:
        - help with publishing 9.0a2
        - try to finish #28672 (Android reproducible build of Snowflake)
        - look at remaining failing testsuite tests
        - update patch for #30549 (Add script to remove expired sub-keys
from a keyring file) after review

    Last week:
        - Rebased onion security expectation patch to ESR68 (#30429).
        - Found out some things preventing tbb-tests/mochitests from
being run in ESR68 branch.
        - Some torbutton refactor work.
        - Pushed patch to
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=467035, but changes will be
        - Built rebased ESR68 with GeKo's linux_esr68_v6
tor-browser-build branch.
    Next week:
        - More #30429 work (patches remaining, find out why themes
extensions are not installed...)
        - Fix patch for 467035.
        - torbutton cleanup/refactor/integration work (#28745, #10760)

    Last week:
        - fixed macos icons for #30631 (blurry tor browser icons in
macOS chrome)
        - finished rebasing widl changes into a digestable patch chain,
submitted to wine-devel dev list for review
        - squashed widl changes into a patch for mingw and put up a
patch for tor-browser-build
        - changes cause crash on 64-bit windows (both 64-bit tor browser
and 32-bit tor browser runing WoW which is surprising)
             - got my functional ia2 test working on 64 bit windows

            - initial investigation here indicates likely another
typeformat string issue (the generated code that's used to determine
data marshalling logic at runtime)

    This week:

    - replicate my debug environment in 64-bit and fix this 64 bit issue

    - update tor-browser-build patch

tjr (very little)
 - Planning for Whistler
 - Confirmed we still have an x86 crash in mingw-clang (Bug 1547519)
after glandium's work.
   This is high-concern, going to follow up with him

  Last week
    - helped with releases
    - reviews (#30779, started with #27503, #30631, #24920)
    - looked at #10760 and started with reviews for for the rebase work
    - finally figured out why rust barfed during esr68 build (still need
to update #30321 with that fun bug)
    - going over blog comments and filed tickets where needed
    - HackerOne bugs
    - started to plan work for June
 This week
   - finish review of #10760 and #30429
   - figure out 32bit Linux build issues for esr68 branch (part of #30321)
   - help with releases where needed
   - Whistler prep
   - planning work for remaining June


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