[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes 3 June 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Jun 3 18:07:00 UTC 2019


Our weekly meeting just ended (I am sure it was the shortest meeting
ever :) ). The IRC log can be found at:


and below are the items from our pad

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Helped with code reviews.
        - Commented in #30639 (Tor tries to connect over IPv6 in IPv4
        - Investigated the update portion of #30565 (corrupted Linux
64bit browser).
        - Thought about the updater-related work for #30429 (ESR 68
Rebase — updater patches).
        - Worked on #30000 (Integrating client-side authorization to
onion services v3).
            - Continued to work on the Onion Services client auth prompt
            - Provided some info for the May Sponsor 27 report (Onion
    This week:
        - More work on the Onion Services client auth prompt (#30237).
        - Maybe: #29197 (remove use of overlays from Tor Launcher)
        - Maybe: #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase — updater patches).

     Last week:
         - shorter week due to public holiday on Thursday
         - release prep and release building + signing for 8.5.1
         - HackerOne bug triage
         - lots of toolchain work with patches for Linux toolchain
(#30736, #30490, #30701, #30734); more work ins needed as at least Stylo
build is breaking for unknown reasons (see:
         - work on aarch64 build (#28119), need to revise the patch
         - backport of Mozilla bug 1552993
         - wrote patches for ro locale (#30469)
         - reverted fix for #29641
         - reviews (#30635, #30480, #30549)
         - going over more reports about 8.5 bugs/missing features
    This week:
        - another shorter week due to public holiday on Thursday
        - 9.0a2 prep and build and signing (hopefully)
        - more HackerOne work
        - toolchain improvements
        - rebase and #10760 reviews
        - finish fix for #28119

 - Not much. Was out 3 days recently.
 - Organized Letterboxing bugs:

   - There is a letterboxing bypass (1556016) that I don't *think* is
exploitable in the default configuration, mostly due to luck
 - The mingwclang x86 malloc/free mismatch had some work done by
glandium. I need to test if it fixed it
 - Organized RDD tasks -
   - Landed a patch disabling RDD and AV1 due to undiagnosed failures.
This will have to be fixed by ESR 76 but hopefully much sooner.

    Last week:
         - Some reviews.
         - Fix torbutton duplicate locales in 10760.
         - Ported onboarding for ESR68 (28822)
    This week:
         - Remaining work on 30429 (Rebase Tor Browser patches for
Firefox ESR 68)
         - Finish! 30304 - Browser locale can be obtained via DTD strings

    Last week:
        Synchronized built-in bridges on Android with desktop (#30635)
        Investigated and created a patch for opening a URL from another
app with tor browser when it wasn't previously running (#30573)
        Created a patch for implementing private tabs-only mode on
Android (#24920)
        Began rebasing Android patches on 68esr
    This week:
        Continue rebasing for 68esr
        Fastlane (#26844)
        F-Droid (#27539)

    Last week:
        - was afk Thursday and Friday
        - helped build new release
        - reviewed #30492 and #28119
        - worked on #28672 (Android reproducible build of Snowflake),
trying to get go-webrtc to build
    This week:
        - help with publishing 8.5.1
        - try to finish #28672 (Android reproducible build of Snowflake)
        - look at remaining failing testsuite tests
        - update patch for #30549 (Add script to remove expired sub-keys
from a keyring file) after review
        - some reviews

    Last week:
      - worked on onion auth #30237
      - worked on tb8.5 bugs #30631, #30560
    This week:
      - TBA user research going on in Uganda and Kenya


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