[tor-project] Notes from May 30 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jun 3 09:01:49 UTC 2019

Notes for May 30 2019 meeting:

1) Team still focused on last days of s19 stuff and on 0.4.1
fixes/cleanup things.
2) Aiming for next week

1) Final push to get Community Portal live (silently) on Monday
2) S9 Phase 3 Work plans
3) Google Season of Docs enquiries

Roger's items from last week:
0) frontdesk, seems like nobody is answering it? [i have on my list to
review this whole thing - will probably get it done by dev meeting tho -
isabela] [where is this 'nobody answering' for frontdesk? -gaba] [is RT]
1) cccamp tor talk? [there is a mail thread started this week about
organizing Tor talks/swags for people from Tor attending cccamp -gaba]

1) Working on an agenda for a f2f meeting with MDF on June 6th - to help
with our fundraising strategy
2) Booking presentation about Tor and my vision to Ford Foundation on
June 18th
3) Working on a fundraising campaign for the summer (hopefully we can
promote it at CCC camp and DefCon- might be called Dirty Tech Fund -
here is a doc explaining it:
4) Met w/ Panos to sync on Stockholm meeting logistics
5) We should update internal on CCC and Tor
6) Bug Bounty contract w/ OTF has been signed / things should go back to
normal w/ paying for bugs etc.

1) Working on various fundraising campaigns.
2) Received ~$10k in cryptocurrency from PrivCoin.io.
3) Planning travel to NYC for MDF meeting and DEFCON in August.
4) Covering some social media and press requests while Steph is OOO.

1) Attended the Global Media Forum in Bonn
2) Published a research report on Nigeria:

1) more work in OTF O2A3, O2A1
2) worked on tbb-8.5-issues
3) finished docs for user research in Uganda and Kenya next week,
coordinated it with gus and nah
4) working on community.torproject.org

1) Laptop + mail issues mostly solved, or at least hacked around enough
to function
2) Scalability meeting tomorrow, agenda is to discuss experiments and

1) s27 report
2) meeting about metrics data portal with simply secure tomorrow
3) initial anti-censorship roadmapping after sponsor 28 (RACE) meetings
last week
4) other small things like following up on projects/trac
5) added a section to the bottom of
to include possible sessions from teams that could be done together

1) General HR stuff

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