[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 22 and 29 July 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Jul 30 07:58:00 UTC 2019


Here come the notes from our last two meetings, held on 22 and 29 July.
The IRC logs can be found at:


And the pad items for both meetings are:

Week of July 29, 2019
  - team capacity and ticket estimations
  - We seem to get a bunch of messages on frontdesk@ with no subject and
no content other than a generic sent by mobile phone make signature.
Could these be coming from TBA somehow? [sysrqb: i think no. At least I
don't think we added frontdesk@ anywhere on Android][GeKo: Pili tries to
investigate this issue by asking back how users got to send those
messages to our system]
  - esr68 switch for nightlies
[GeKo: The plan is to get Linux nightlies going early next week,
building support for the other platforms on top of that]

    just got back home last night and still out of it so will probably
miss this meeting
    Last Week(s):
          - vacation

         - investigated cause of #31251 (Security Level menu hangs off
of the toolbarbutton element when it should hang off of the
toolbarbutton's child element with toolbarbutton-icon class)

         - solution here seems to be a relatively simple refactor

    This Week:

    - catch up on backlog

    - sync up with antonela on design for network settings in
preferences (do we have a ticket # for this?) [GeKo: Yes, I just created
one: #31286]

    - fix #31251

    - review how screen reader UX is for the security level UI and files
bugs if necessary


    - bug the wine devs to get our widl patches in

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — provided feedback on a few patches
that acat rebased already.
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — started rebasing updater patches.
        - Upgraded our primary Tor development computer from macOS
10.13.x to 10.14.x and dealt with fallout.
     This week/upcoming:
        - #30126 (Make Tor Browser on macOS compatible with Apple's
        - #29197 (Remove use of overlays from Tor Launcher).
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — rebase updater patches.
        - Respond to Antonela's comments in #30237 (Onion Services
client auth prompt).

    Last week:
        - afk
    This week:
        - sending out remaining feedback summaries
        - dealing with backlog
        - helping with #30126
        - review of esr68-rebased patches (#30429 and related tickets)
        - helping with linux toolchain patches/issues for esr68
migration (see: #30320 and #30321 + respective child tickets)
        - work on setting up android signing environment
        - help with release for Google's 64bit requirement starting on
Aug 1 (see: #31260 and #31192 for discussions)

  Last Week:
  - Created esr68 branch and merged gk branch with new toolchain code.
  - Fix for rust config to handle android
  - Fix for using tor built clang rather than ndk one
  - Patch for removing emulator requirement from Firefox build
  - Investigation of breaking issues with mozconfig
  This Week
  - Start applying previous esr60 patches to esr68 [need assets, etc]
  - Generate firefox gradle dependencies list

    Last week:
        - S27 July report
        - GSoD final candidate selection
        - Playing around with gitlab
        - roadmap review
    This week:
        - S27 July report
        - Future funding proposal for Browser team
        - S27 work completion report
        - Figuring out browser team task distribution
        - Following up on fundraising banner localization
        - coordinating Orfox transition

    Last week:
        - afk
    This week:
        - Review gk's linux-esr68 branch, and try to make it ready to
merge for nightly
        - Help with build for the TBA 64bit release

 - Found a better solution for the alloc/dealloc bug, requested review

    Last week:
        Recovery from travel
        A little work on 68esr rebase/testing
    This week:
        Backport patch for supporting x86 and aarch64 architectures (31260)
        Investigate x86_64 support?
        Help investigate aarch64 crash (31140)
        68esr branch testing (and rebasing onto acat's most-recent branch)

        Last week:
                - Addressing review comments of rebased esr68 patches,
rebasing to new gecko-dev esr68 branch.
        This week:
                - Push rebased esr68 branches.
                - Review/test Android ESR 68 rebased patches (#31010).
                - Backlog: upstreaming patches

    Last week:
        - vacations
    This week:
        - post-vacations
        - we ran a Tor Browser Usage survey during the dev meeting.
Sharing results with lists this week.
        - should work on Network settings -> General settings (#29197)


Week of July 22, 2019

    - 9.0 Nightly blockers:

        - Is there anything else that is missing from that list?

    - tjr: Building project debootstrap-image -

      - bash: cannot set terminal process group (8): Inappropriate ioctl
for device

      - anyone recognize this?

    Last Week:
        - reading and uploading notes from dev meeting
        - digitizing roadmaps
        - recovering from dev meeting
    This week:
        - Start looking at team capacity vs workload
        - Roadmap review

            - I need some help identifying whether some of the August
items have tickets for them already:

    - Switch meek uTLS?

    - #29430 - Use uTLS for meek TLS camouflage in Tor Browser -
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29430 ?

    -Rip out meek?

    - ? [from mcs: I think this is covered in #29430]

    - Tor button migration

    - #28745 - THE Torbutton clean-up -
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28745 ?

    - Network settings in General settings

    - #31286 - Include bridge configuration into about:preferences -

    - Toolbar button for New Identity

    - ? [brade: #27511]

    - Tor Launcher for ESR68

    - #29197 - remove use of overlays from Tor Launcher -
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29197 ?

    - #30506 - Follow Firefox ESlint rules for torbutton and
tor-launcher integrated code -
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30506 ?

  - Figured out at least one solution for the alloc/dealloc max

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - #30126 (Make Tor Browser on macOS compatible with Apple's
            - We need some help from gk; see comment:11 in the ticket.
        - #29197 (remove use of overlays from Tor Launcher)
            - We hope to do this by load XUL fragments instead, but that
requires some ESR68 features.
            - This is on hold until we make some progress on #30429.
     This week/upcoming:
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase — look over a few patches that acat
rebased already).
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase — updater patches).
        - #29197 (Remove use of overlays from Tor Launcher).
        - #30126 (Make Tor Browser on macOS compatible with Apple's
        - Respond to Antonela's comments in #30237 (Onion Services
client auth prompt).

    Last week:
        - Worked on revision of #21830 upstream patch (locale detectable
by button width) https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1396224
        - Investigated #29563 (css line-height revisited [at least zoom
and linux])
    This week:
        - Address GeKo's comments on #30429 (desktop ESR68 rebased patches)
        - Review/test Android ESR 68 rebased patches (#31010).
        - Submit revision for
        - Try to fix #29563.
        - Follow up https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1433030
(Copying large text from web console leaks to /tmp)

  Last Week:
  - #30461 - Update tor-android-service to use android toolchain (ready
for review)
  - #30460 - Update TOPL to use android toolchain (ready for review)
  - #31174 - Update android toolchain (ready for review)
  - changes to tor-android-service (decoupled VPN module so we can
exclude building, updated jSocks so we use binary rather than build)
  This Week
  - integration and testing for Firefox build


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