[tor-project] Notes from June 27 and 20 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jul 1 08:27:45 UTC 2019

Notes for June 27 2019 meeting:

1) Back from All Hands keeping track of and doing all the follow-ups
2) We should decide about follow-up sessions we need for our dev
meeting. I am fine waiting with that for the scaling meeting tomorrow,
if we want. Pili and I agreed the Tor Browser vision session is not as
important right now and we could fill it with one of those sessions.
Maybe specific Tor Browser related performance/metrics items that came
out of All Hands (as the more network team related ones would overlap
with part of the network retrospective). [gaba_hijacking_space: sounds
good. I'm removing the Tor browser vision session. Can we briefly
discuss here the state of the onion if everybody agree on who is going
to be there (sheet in https://nc.riseup.net/s/FFkikRBmKDZyLw9 ) ] [says
file not found] [now it should work]
3) We finally got all chemspill releases out on all platforms. Big
thanks to boklm for driving this and doing the bulk of the work.
4) started with preparations for network health session at dev meeting
5) HackerOne backlog

1) UR - Coordinating with Nah the reporting of latest africa trip.
2) OONI - Met Maria before her vacs to sync about Explorer and Apps,
working and reviewing related issues
3) TB - Banner for donations is done, waiting for approval (#30577) [I
added a comment that I think it looks great and ask that we leave the
newsletter sign-up]
4) S27 - reviewed #30024, put together
5) S28 - worked with snowflake webextension UI
6) Asked pili to move forward with the Media folder organization. Steph:
could you review the doc she made and tell us what do you think, if we
can proceed, if you want to have some specific things there that we
don't have right now (but exists), etc? [I checked it out, and it looks
good to me! -steph] [cool! hiro, pili and I will work on it during the
dev meeting - A]
7) Stockholm meeting
 - coordinating with dunqan for the Persona's session
 - planning a Tor Browser prioritizing user problems session
 - organizing S27 UX work to make sure we are making decisions on what
is needed

1) Getting caught up after vacation.
2) Getting some nice cryptocurrency donations - ~$25,000 total this
month. Included in that is another large donation from privcoin.io.
3) Working on organizing fundraising brainstorm for dev meeting. Any
thoughts can be added here:
4) BTCPayServer will soon launch a campaign on our behalf. Just waiting
on one more detail.
5) Patches for our monthly givers - Defenders of Privacy - are being
produced now. Will begin sending to current monthly donors.
6) Planning for DEF CON.

1) newsletter going out today
2) community portal edits
3) edited anti-censorship team blog post
4) preparing for longer form media pitch
5) coordinating tv interview for isa

1) blogpost on anti-censorship team with phw
2) s27 monthly report
3) feedbacks with nick
4) trac/roadmaps gardening
5) starting to prep sessions for Tor meeting
6) getting ready to travel to stockholm next week
7) schedule https://nc.riseup.net/s/WCk5xjAGcXgGSJY

1) getting ready for july vacations and stockholm meeting with the team
2) archive.tpo setup in progress to resolve the disk storage situation there
3) some mail issues resolved
4) working on a broader, long-term analysis of our needs and
requirements, using good reference material (Tom Limoncelli's Practice
of Network and System Administration) might come up with a "what are our
pain points, time sinks and bottlenecks" survey or discussion

1) Release
2) Working on feedback summaries; gaba is helping me. Planning to send
them out rsn and try to schedule 1:1:1s to happen pre-Stockholm.

1) Tor-scaling planning for Stockholm
 - Thinking of changing the "Growing the Tor Network" meeting or adding
more sessions
2) Working on summary email of Mozilla All Hands

1) asn can make it to the OTF summit. I'm talking to OTF to get the
right invites.
2) I'm full-time on the NSF proposal revision for the next week.

1) Catching up after All Hands.


Notes for June 20 2019 meeting:

1) Work goes on; team is mostly working on 0.4.2 stuff
2) Looks like 0.4.1 is likely to become stable on-schedule!?
 - All teams: Please let us know if you have any bugs that really need
to get fixed between 0.4.1.x-alpha and 0.4.1.x-stable.

1) we have several options on what to do with email at the organization
and a decision could be made soon
https://nc.riseup.net/s/9iExsYaZC4mP8p8 (conversation will continue in
Stockholm - options 2 and 4 are the one possible right now)
2) started collecting feedback about nextcloud migration
3) follow up on gitlab/trac migration
4) follow up on CI role as permanent versus rotating at the network team.
5) small changes/follow up on draft Tor meeting schedule.
6) RT/Frontdesks: pili created an account for me.
7) gettor is happening on
https://dip.torproject.org/anti-censorship/gettor/boards (updating it
from trac myself)
8) other tasks like roadmaps update/checking.
9) sponsor 19 report can be public now. Steph: we (phw, cohosh, kat,
arma, karsten) are coordinating a blogpost for next week.

1) Worked on feedback reviews
2) Working with more GSoD candidates
3) S9 Phase3 Work Plan responses
4) Community Portal
5) Finally looked into Frontdesk/rt
 - There's a lot of spam, most of it in polish, I cleaned up a lot of it
and tried to remove the culprits from rt, hopefully that will help with
ticket volume
 - I would say about 50% or more of the tickets on the first page are
related to people requesting bridges or reporting issues with bridges.
(Phw and me are in the loop about this here. --gaba)
 - around 25% of tickets on the first page have no subject and no content...
 - There's probably around 50 new legitimate tickets every week that are
going unanswered
 - Still need to do more analysis but that's a quick summary of what
I've seen so far
6) Working on a plan for re-organising media.tpo. Steph: we should sync
about this when I have a clear plan [yes, let's! exciting :) lmk if you
want any help with planning]
7) Working on plans for website maintenance in future
8) Organising work for monthly donors fundraising banner on TBB

1) Met with Ford on Tuesday
2) Start the work with Beth Grupp consultation
3) Finalizing small things regarding the dev meeting (board meeting day,
vegas leads meeting day, space logistics)
4) Will meet with Trevor Timm (tomorrow/friday)
5) Tea Time session on tor-internal
6) Working on reviewing working plan for sponsor9

1) back from vacation; playing catch-up

1) At All Hands.

1) Def Con preparation
2) Community portal copy
3) Bug campaign prep
4) Getting resettled after holiday

1) partly resolved archive.tpo situation, with IA and Software Heritage
and infrared contacts, latter might develop in more hosting options
2) worried about physical security in co-working space
3) finished email proposal (see gaba point)
4) working on evaluating our infrastructure using formal sysadmin
methods (#30881) which will show where the flaws in our infra are and
help with a long term map

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