[tor-project] Notes from January 24 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sat Jan 26 15:51:11 UTC 2019

Notes for January 24 2019 meeting:

1) Prepping for hackweek
2) Need to meet with metrics team at hackweek; Gaba is making sure it
3) is out. TBB folks, please let us know if you see any
tbb-needs stuff. (GeKo: right now only #28614 and related tickets come
to mind)
4) With the Brussels hackweek coming up, this is a good time to remind
people about expenses.  Let's talk about Sue's Harvest proposal?

1) Coordinating for hackweek (metrics and network teams and 1 person
from anti-censorship team)
2) Finished sponsor 8 Q4 report

1) Launched the revamped OONI Probe mobile app!
2) Published an OONI Year in review blog post:
3) Published a research report on censorship in Zimbabwe:
4) Working on the OONI Explorer country pages
5) Going to publish a job posting for the OONI Backend engineer position

1) Preparing new Tor Browser releases (8.0.5 and 8.5a7); work on our
next big Tor Browser for Android milestone

1) Edited copy for a beautiful new brochure
2) Strategizing with Isa
3) Upcoming posts: TPL, year in review/looking fwd
4) We will share a booth with fossasia at FOSDEM, Gaba taking from here
5) Press inquiries.
6) Creating new Tor stories survey

1) Finishing up new outreach brochures with comms and UX
2) Doing LFI recruitment and curriculum development
3) Much of the community team is prepping for sponsor9 travel

1) Sending thank you emails with 2018 giving totals to monthly givers
2) Working with Al and grants team on NLnet proposals
3) Helping respond to OTF questions
4) Meeting with Isa and Jon about optimizing donation flow
5) Planning changes to the donation page for major donor program,
monthly giving program, and cryptocurrency donations

1) Wrapping outreach material, content was reviewed by comms and is
ready for emmapeel to start the localization workflow. I'm still working
with covers and back posters.
2) Reviewing tpo.org, tpo.org/about, tpo.org/download on staging with Hiro.
3) Working on OONI Country pages with Elio. We are running user testing
with Explorer users this week, coordinated by Maria.
4) Working on Q12019 user research documents with Caroline Sinders
5) Alon will work on illustrations for tpo.org. He will join us at our
regular open meetings.
6) I was a reviewer for the Spanish localization for the Pluggable
Transports guide.
7) Reviewing OTF UX proposal
8) Fosdem Talk and Roger slides are in progress.

1) Working with auditors to finalize Financial Audit
2) Working with Sida Auditors for definitions required for Attestation Audit
3) Working with DRL Auditors on 2016 findings
4) Working on various payroll/pension items for International Payroll

1) Team Roadmap reviews
2) S8 Report wrap up
3) Gettor handover meeting
4) More GSoC "investigation"

1) getting ready for Board meeting tomorrow (Friday Jan 25th)
2) reviewing reports  (sponsor 8 and rose foundation)
3) reviewing proposals (NLnet, DRL, OTF)
4) synced with Steph on the 'there is no dark web strategy'
5) getting ready for all things w/ sida for next week

1) I'm getting back up to speed after health issues. I'm mostly
answering and writing emails as usual. If you need something from me,
let me know (with a fresh reminder I mean).

1) general hr stuff
2) anti-censorship team announcement will go out today

1) Prepared metrics-web patch that will switch from Ant to Java-only for
running the daily updater. This is the first step in reusing code
between modules and simplify operation.
2) Worked more on last remaining Sponsor 13 report.
3) Preparing for Brussels next week.

1) Working on vanguards
2) Prepping for network team meeting

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