[tor-project] Notes from January 17 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jan 18 09:51:14 UTC 2019

Notes for January 17 2019 meeting:

1) network team
1.1) progress on S8 reports
1.2) continue hackweek preparation
2) ooni
2.1) starting 1:1s
2.2) discussion on workflow for ooni probe development
3) anti-censorship
3.1) this week we start anti-censorship weekly meetings
3.2) kat sent first draft on second report
4) funding
4.1) gathering ideas from teams for DRL
5) metrics
5.1) sent report on sponsor 13 for December
6) attended (with Erin) workshop "equity informed conflict resolution in
the workplace" at https://resolutionsnorthwest.org/.

1) We started to work on items for our esr68 transition (new Windows
toolchain, Tor Launcher/Torbutton integration into the browser directly;
more is to come here in the next weeks and months)
2) Preparations for the upcoming releases on 1/29
3) Work on ideas for upcoming proposals and OTF proposal revision

1) Finished up tor 0.4.0 Sponsor2 things
2) Helping plan modularization work and 0.4.1 Sponsor2 work

1) Working on 2019/2020 outreach material with the community team
2) Preparing FOSDEM Talk
3) Working on illustrations for tpo.org
4) Working on #28329 - TBA Onboarding
5) Delivered #29035 - TB + TBA Newsletter subscription
6) Did OONI Country pages design review - We have user testing
coordinated by Maria for next week
7) Reviewed OTF Onions proposal
8) Reviewing tpo.org and tpo.org/about on staging
9) Added ideas on DRL SOI -

1) working on another Tor stories survey
2) putting together our comms strategy
3) responding to press inquiries.
4) added several upcoming events to our blog listings. If there are
others you’re involved with coming up, let me know

1) New alpha release tomorrow.
2) Getting ready for network team Hack week in Brussels, the week after
next. Need to make sure we have the correct deliverables lists.

1) Out with eyeball woes. Send me email on Sunday / Monday if there's a
thing I should know / remember / do.

1) Invoiced multiple funders
2) Closed books for December
3) Invoicing the remaining funders
4) Continue to work on multiple requests from the auditors to complete
the 06/30/2018 audit and tax return.

1) General hr stuff
2) Moving forward with sysadmin screening process
3) Will be posting browser dev job soon (to replace Arthur)

1) Wrote a patch for replacing all dates/timestamps in metrics-web with
Java 8 date/time API types and started with a similar patch for metrics-lib.

1) Almost done with S8 report
2) Moving Gettor forward
3) Trying to figure out if it makes sense to apply for GSoC this year -
do we have excited/interested mentors in any team?
4) Getting closer to figuring out illustrations for the website
5) Logistics for S9 India visit

1) Finalizing YE campaign results and documentation for Wiki.
2) Met with Alison and Arturo and Al to see how we can help secure new
funding for LFI and OONI.
3) Helping with OTF response and Rose Foundation report.
4) Preparing to modify donate pages to include information about monthly
donor and major donor programs.
5) Reconciling 2018 income with Sue.
6) Hoping to get system to accept additional cryptocurrencies up and
running soon.

1) Preparing board book for board meeting jan 25th
2) Helping people finish answering all the questions from OTF on our
onion service proposal
3) Start a doc for donation page modifications we will need in order to
launch major donors program and monthly donors program
4) Working w/ money machine to define the projects we will be proposing
for opportunities due at the first week of feb
5) organizing tasks for the 'there is no dark web strategy'

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