[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 14 Jan 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Jan 15 12:31:00 UTC 2019

Hi everyone!

We had another weekly Tor Browser meeting yesterday. The IRC meeting log
can be found at:


The meeting notes are copied below, for your convenience:

Monday January 14, 2019
    - Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Application (pili - apologies I will
likely be afk for the meeting)

        - Projects? Volunteer mentors? Could be both Tor Browser or
"Applications Team" projects. (GeKo: tjr can imagine to mention the
crash report project further)
    - Plan for Tor Launcher/Torbutton compat with ESR 68 (GeKo:
tentative schedule for landing that is 9.0a1; we don't get enough
testing for 8.5)
    - Replacement for donation banner (#29035) (GeKo: I put that on my
plate and anto provides the remaining UX items)
    - Can we move this meeting 30 minutes or 1 hour earlier? (sysrqb now
has a partial conflict, but can adjust if changing the meeting is too
difficult) (GeKo: tentively moving to 1830UTC, I need to get back to
igt0 whether that works for him, too)
    - next meeting? (GeKo: on Monday is US holiday, so let's meet on
1/22 instead)

    Last Week:
    - updated icons for #25702 (rebranding) and #28546 (windows
installer branding) to fix clipping/squashing issue

    - reviewed #28711 (arraybuffer metadata in its own arena) and #28329
(TBA+Orbot design)

    - backported 1446472 (and than discovered tjr beat me to it lol)

    - squashed/rebased #25702

    - began work on #25658 (security settings)

    boklm - ran into a couple of build issues this past week (just in
case you weren't aware):

    - https-everywhere explicitly requiring python 3.6 in it's make.sh
script (container installs python 3.7 now when just installing the
python package)

    - issues building servo in the latest alpha branch in tor-browser,
didn't delve too deeply into this on Friday since I was on my laptop

    [boklm: can you open tickets with some details about those issues?]
richard : can do!

    This Week:
      - file tickets for above-mentioned issues
      - #25658 work (security settings)

pili: likely afk for meeting

    Last week:

    - Sponsor 8 report

    - Tor Browser release meeting

    - OTF Onion service SMART objectives

    - Starting to look at team budgets

    This week:

    - Review 2019 needs and priorities

    - looking into orbot and trac discussion on mailing lists

    Last week:
        - refined patch for #28716 (mingw-w64/clang toolchain) and
mapped out remaining things to be done for #28238
        - begin-of-the-month admin dance
        - finally commented on the ideas in doc for #3600
        - I reviewed #28705 and started with #25702 and #26858
        - wrote patches for #29028 (activate canvas warning
improvements), #28874 (WebGL crashes), #28814,  and #29081 (hardening of
        - helped with bug investigations (#28823, #tra)
        - looked over #28329 and tor-launcher redesign
        - looked over sponsor proposals
    This week:
        - help with mobile stuff where needed
        - backport fix for bug 1469916
        - work on various issues related to #28238
        - work on the donation banner replacement (#29035)
        - looking closer at
        - reviews, review, reviews

    Last week:
        Real World Crypto
        Wrote/sent email about Google Play reviews
        Worked a little on TBA bootstrap process (#28329)
    This week:
        More work on UI for #28329
        Finish fastlane patch
        Review TOPL/Orbotservice ticket (#29080)
        Update branch for app crash during download (#28705)

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Worked on #28044 (Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser).
         - Did some experiments.
         - Commented in the ticket.
    - Opened #29045 for dormant mode follow up work (Tor Launcher).
    - Completed end of quarter/end of year administrative tasks.
  This week:
    - #28836 (Links on about:tor are not clickable anymore).
    - #28885 (notify users that update is downloading).
    - Work on a proposal for #28044 (Integrate Tor Launcher into
    - Out of the office on Friday, January 18th.

    Last week:
        - investigated binutils reproducibility issue and made patch to
update binutils to 2.31.1 (#26148)
        - started a patch for #27531 (Tor Browser 8 crashes trying to
print on Linux)
        - fixed some testsuite issues (#27136, #27114)
    This week:
        - continue work on testsuite
        - test patch for #27531 (Tor Browser 8 crashes trying to print
on Linux)
        - some reviews: #29081, #28716, #28803, #28874
        - will be afk on Friday

    Leave is coming, but unsure of dates.
    Lots of mingw work.
    "gk: where to track the remaining work for enabling accessibility
support on windows,
             because it's still not functioning properly it seems with
the patches we have"
             tjr: Can you elaborate? And/or show me a not-scary
(trustworthy/open source) accessibility tool to test with? [GeKo:
accessibility is not working in e10s, see:
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27503#comment:13 ff. I
noted that on the moz bug, see comments 11 and Jacek's reply in comment
19. I have not looked whether there are non-scary tools yet]
    "gk: --enable-accessibility on mingw-gcc"
             tjr: Yes, I did not test this (on TaskCluster or
otherwise). If switching to mingw-clang is on the horizon,
                   I am not inclined to try and get support for this
working on TaskCluster [GeKo: works for me, just so you are aware of
that this breaks the mingw-w64/gcc builds once this gets enabled on
esr60][tjr: they use different mozconfigs; so it the mingw-gcc builds
will stay --disable-accessibility][GeKo, yeah, fine with me]
     I have an --enable-accessibility, --enable-sandbox, pdbs esr60
build working in TaskCluster. Have requested uplift of a bunch of patches
     On central; I am personally being plagued by
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1519608 but others don't
seem affected
         - Uplift the aforementioned esr60 patches
         - Land small -central patches (--enable-accessibility, Bump
         - Investigate ASLR
         - Investigate if we can ditch binutils
     We have a next step forward on the rust stuff:
         It's not significant; but we'll see where to go from here.
         Am I correct in thinking that this is basically the same thing
you did (look for connect/socket/etc calls)
         except you did it in the source, and this is on the object
file? [GeKo: have not looked yet, but can do this week, hopefully;
sysrqb thinks the answer is "yes"]
     Uplifted https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1446472 which
will show the Canvas icon if canvas is auto-blocked
          because it has no user input.
     Landed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1509829 which
uplifts Tor's "Only reveal the OS in the JS navigator
           object and not the User-Agent header"
           I should backport this to esr60.

    - working on #28329 - TBA + Orbot
    - working on #29035 - Newsletter Subscription links - reviewing TBA
    - added UX improvements ideas for TB on DRL doc for the UX team
    - reviewing sysrqb's list of GPlay TBA reviews

  Last week:
   - #29080 Merge OrbotService and TOPL - did initial prototype and
outlined details of changes needed in trac issue
   - #28803 - Integrate building PT - finished
android-pluggable-transport project (ready for review)
   This Week:
   - #29080 - Cleanup work and create patches for OrbotService
   - #27609 - Evaluate Tor Onion Proxy - I’ll setup project in
tor-browser-build and create patch as specified in #29080


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