[tor-project] Notes from January 10 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jan 11 10:13:43 UTC 2019

Notes for January 10 2019 meeting:

Gaba (offline in a conflict resolution workshop):
1) S8 reports
2) Anti-censorship position decided.
3) Network team
3.1) modularization project and anti-censorship project starting
4) Collecting funding proposals for a couple of grant opportunities

1) Will be releasing OONI Probe mobile 2.0 next week and working towards
2) Published a blog post together with CAIDA on internet disruption in
Gabon https://ooni.torproject.org/post/gabon-internet-disruption/
3) Formed a partnership with ASUTIC from Senegal:

1) Sent invoice for Mozilla match
2) Helping organize fundraising 2019 roadmap
3) Working on 'there is no dark web' strategy ->
4) Working on response for OTF onion services proposal
5) Coordinating f2f meeting with Sida and presentation to Sida staff
about Tor and our work with them (jan 30th)
6) Coordinating follow up with Mozilla - outcomes from our meeting at
the All Hands
7) Follow up with media inquires and connecting with major donors

1. Dealing with backlog after vacation
2. Where are we with our blog comments policy? [see my update -
Alison][Looks good - Georg]

1) Working on campaign results and will send with December Fundraising
report today.
2) Thanking campaign donors.
3) Connecting with major donors.
4) Planning for major donor and monthly donor program launch.
5) Granted funding for modularization work.
6) Al submitted a proposal for UX work.
7) Plotting out 2019 grant/foundation strategy.

1) Alison is working on all things LFI -- recruitment, curriculum
revisions, website stuff
2) lots of Sponsor9 stuff happening -- upcoming travel and contact with
3) Colin is planning a relay operator meetup at FOSDEM
4) Maggie is working on volunteer coordination
5) We are all adding our ideas to a doc for the DRL SOI

1) working on TBA8.5a
2) reviewing OTF onion services proposal
3) organizing Usability Research for 2019
4) reviewing tpo.org and tpo.org/about staging
5) asked sarah for the tpo.org/sponsors content
6) working on our new 2019/2020 outreach material
7) working on illustrations for tpo.org
8) preparing my talk for Fosdem
9) working on OONI country pages
10) Added a list of ideas at the DRL SOI doc
11) preparing next week Mozilla Monthly meeting, we will do a recap of
what happened in All Hands

===Things I did:
- Reviewed three more Usenix Security submissions; discussion continues.
- Did three more safety board reviews / assessments.
- Helped do further revisions of our RACE proposal; kept talking to our PM.
- Advised Rob and Micah on a Shadow proposal we're hoping to do.
- Helped move forward the anticensorship team selection.
- Pulled together and submitted our Sponsor3 final report and outcome
- Wrote two team mission-roadmaps (anti-censorship and network health).
- My Fosdem main-track talk got in
  - I asked Antonela to help clean up my Tor slides.
- Paul and I might go to NYC in March to debate Tor with NYPD folks.
- Dealt with email disasters. Still somewhat ongoing. Let me know if
I've dropped something.
===Questions for this group / things on my todo list:
- I still need to do our SponsorM reports. That's now back to pending on me.
- Should each vegas team try to write an equivalent mission-roadmap,
like the two above? Could help with focusing mission, with identifying
gaps, with fundraising, and with community engagement.
- Should we write a 2018 annual report? It's been a while.
- Can we have an employee handbook? Or even just a list of resources all
in one place? I only learned last week that I can log in to adp and see
my paystubs.
- I have continued to drop the ball on answering the financials blog
post comment full of questions that we would be smart to embrace
transparency about. FYI in case anybody wants to step in or help out.
- Should we take notes on the steps to a proper fundraising campaign,
while it's still fresh? And/or do a retrospective. Like, there are
several steps we should have started much earlier. [I am working on
results and takeaways. - Sarah][I had in mind not just a retrospective,
but a checklist for next time, with timing advise. -Roger]
- Is somebody following the "Orbot trac consolidation" thread? Gaba or
Pili maybe?

1) Finalizing month/quarter ending financial information to be able to
bill our funders.
2) Did a massive reconciliation of expense reimbursements for employees
and as of today will have paid out all expenses to employees that had
been missed since October 2018.  If you find any expenses that you feel
you have not been reimbursed for please email accounting@ and I will
follow-up with you directly.
3) Can I ask that team leads re-emphasize to all employees that they
need to put in expense reimbursements on the current week’s time sheet
and not on previous time sheets.  This is how expenses are missed.  As
noted in my presentation in Mexico City if you have an expense for
December, and it is January, you should include it on this week’s time
sheet in January.  Also, please add the date of the actual expense in
the comments section.
4) Working on hiring contractor to assist with accounting work.
5) Finalizing 6/30/2018 audit.
6) Responded to DRL about 2016 audit findings, awaiting their response.

Erin (Offline for meeting, at dispute resolution workshop with Gaba!):
1) Moving forward with anti-censorship team hiring (announcement soon)
2) Misc. personnel stuff

1) put out releases
2) building up to feature freeze on 15 Jan for 0.4.0.x
3) S8 is done; S19 and S31 are still ramping up.

1) blog posts: final count post up today
2) responding to some press inquiries
3) working on comms strategy
4) tried to share a FOSDEM stand and asked them to reconsider us to no
avail. We were told by a rep we could have a "Birds of a Feather"
meeting after a talk instead, but I havent heard back how to sign up for
that -- if anyone finds out, lmk! and i'll keep digging
5) drafting a more specific Tor stories survey
6) social media, as always!

1) Sponsor 8 Q4 report
2) Collecting funding ideas for 2019 from teams.
3) Tor Browser Release meeting
4) Trying to get my head around budget for teams :)
5) Helping with response for OTF onion services proposal

1) Started extending OnionPerf towards pluggable transport support.
2) Started refactoring R code in metrics-web to make it more maintainable.

1) Working on getting as much Sponsor2 (circuitpadding) stuff done by
0.4.0 freeze as possible
2) Helping with modularization plan

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