[tor-project] Tor Browser meeting, 7 Jan 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Jan 8 08:58:00 UTC 2019

Hi everyone!

Yesterday we had our first Tor Browser meeting in 2019. The IRC log can
be found at:


and the notes from our pad are below:

    -upcoming releases/Tor Browser 8.5 (GeKo: 1/29 and 3/19 are the next
release dates; 8.5 stable could get out at the end of march then)
    -larger project planning: tor-launcher/torbutton -> webextensions ->
inclusion in tor-browser directly (GeKo: we plan to nail down the final
plan next week; mcs/brade will lead the tor launcher efforts, and igt0
and  GeKo will look into Torbutton)

 - We're going to nominate this for backport: Bug 1446472 -
privacy.resistFingerprinting is true blocks QR code (canvas) on
web.whatsapp.com without any notice
    - If Tor wants it earlier you could bring it in at your leisure
 - mingw-clang
    - Working on --enable-sandbox on esr: I thought I had this working
already but I guess not.
      - To do this, I need to backport a bunch of build patches so I can
backport pdb generation =(
    - Working on --enable-accessibility in -central
      - Hit a weird runtime failure jacek thought he fixed.
- USENIX reviews taking time. But finding fun ideas to maybe do sometime
in the future!
- Determined a small path forward for rust code that uses networking
APIs: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1376621#c12
  - I'm not certain how much different this is from Tor's current
activity; but something to try...
- Expected leave is end of month, could be earlier depending

      -back from vacation
      -did stay away from my computer (mostly)
      -worked on the mingw-w64-clang toolchain (bug 28716)
    This Week:
        -finish up #28716
        -test the mingw-w64-clang toolchain with Firefox code we ship
and provide a proper patch for switching the nightly Firefox build part
to it (#28238)
        -begin-of-the-month-admin dance
        -finally comment on the ideas in doc for #3600
        -pospeselr: Can you take over the work on the security settings
redesign (#25658)? I fear I will get again distracted while trying to
help with TBA-a3 and other stuff and we should get the redesign into 8.5
if possible.

            - pospeselr: yes can do! (Great, thanks! GeKo)

mcs and brade:
  Past three weeks:
    - More work on #28885 (notify users that update is downloading).
    - Responded to nickm's tor-dev message r.e. tor's new dormant mode.
[Do we need a ticket for Tor Browser related work that needs to be done
in the wake of it? - GeKo  Yes. I will create a ticket. -mcs]
    - Provided some feedback on the Tor Browser developer job
announcement draft.
    - Took some time off for Christmas / end of year.
    - Worked on end of quarter/end of year administrative tasks.
    - Helped a little with bug triage.
  This week:
    - Finish end of quarter/end of year administrative tasks.
    - Continue working on #28885 (notify users that update is downloading).

    Past N weeks:
        - knocked out sick for a lot of it :(
        - initial Tor Browser uplift sync w/ arthur, tjr, ethan, and steven
        - feedback from CRs:

            - #12885 (windows jumplists broken)

    - discovered we've a disk leak for all windows versions, put up a
patch that will fix future clean installs and created a new issue for
cleaning up upgrades

    - created ticket #28996 to find and delete jumplist storage files

    - basically to fix this on existing installs we need to scrape all
the files in a particular user directory, look for 'Tor Browser' strings
in them, and delete them

    is this sort of approach a good patch for Tor Browser or is this too
'hacky' ? (GeKo: if we can be sure just to deal with jumplist files,
that's okay with me)V

      - #25702 (tb icon re-branding)

    - regarding general icon weirdness and cropping/scaling: on linux
there seems to be a lot of weird window-manager specific issues
surrounding how the 'Icon' entry is handled in the Tor Browser .desktop file

    - both gnome and cinnamon use a cropped and scaled-down version of
the tb icon in some places (alt-tab, taskbar window list, window
overviews) but the correct icon in others (in the file-browser)

    - seems to be a caching issue since the places where the icon is
broken doesn't update when the source icon or the Icon entry is updated

    - only hypothesis around the various window-manager icon caching
issues is that our self-modifying .desktop file might be fucking with
things, but would need to dig deeper

    - general solution for the cropping issue in-browser and the
installer (you can see the same cropping issue in the windows installer)
is to just update the assets and give a bit of margin around the edges
(Sounds good to me. I guess we should try to stay away from as many
rabbit holes as we can here. :) - GeKo)

      #3600 (redirect cookie isolation)

    - synced with steven about work his team has done in this space, but
disappointed to find out they don't have anything 'as well thought out
as your doc'

    - best way forward for now seems to tjr's suggestion: "Allow
Redirects, but Neuter Their Tracking Ability"

    This Week:

    - meetings meetings: uplift, release

    - #25702+#28546 (rebrand) : update patch to add some margin to icons
to work-around the squashed circle edge issue

    - #25658 (security settings redesign)

    - look into back-porting 1446472 (Should be fair game for the next
alpha due on 1/29 - GeKo)

    Past three weeks:
        - Started the UI side of Circuit display for mobile(#25764)
        - Vacations!
    This week:
        - Finish the UI side of the circuit display(#25764)
        - Integrate the circuit display UI (Java/Android) with the logic
side(torbutton/javascript). (#25764)

    Since last meeting:
        - fixed some testsuite issues: #27115, #28876, #28904
        - vacations
    This week:
        - continue work on testsuite (fixing all tests, or temporarily
disabling them if they require more work), and binutils issue

    - Happy new Year everyone!
    This week:

        - catching up with email

    - Sponsor 8 report

    - Looking ahead at funding proposals due in the next few months

    - Tor Browser Team Priorities and needs pad for DRL SOI due 2nd Feb:

    - Starting to think about Sponsor 19 Browser related work

    - Tor Browser Release meeting this week - anyone we want input from
that we should invite? (GeKo: maybe the fundraising folks to make sure
what we should do with the banner and what should come afterwards)

Past N weeks:
 - #28329 TBA + Orbot  - matt, could we sync about what is needed from
me here now?
 - #23888 Snowflake web extension - someone in this team will/want to
work/review it? (GeKo: Review should be possible; we'll coordinate what
we can/should do here)

  Last week:
   - #29003 - Investigated goptbundle integration into
tor-browser-build. Did some initial work, (Pluto2/goptbundle about 1
week of work to fully integrate)
   - #27609 - Evaluate Tor Onion Proxy - have initial tor-browser-build
project setup.
   - #28803 - Integrate building PT - Got patches done to build with
tor-browser-builds. Created gradle downloads file. Still need goptbundle
integration and packaging.
   This Week:
   - #29003, #28803

    EOY and Last week:
        Worked on FastLane configuration
        Reviewed Google Play comments and reviews
        A little vacation and much family time
    This week:
        Write email about Google Play reviews and comment
        Open tickets for the comments, as needed
        Create patch for FastLane stuff
        At Real World Crypto (RWC) this week
        TBA onboarding stuff


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