[tor-project] Tor Browser Vision Brainstorm: Part II

Pili Guerra pili at torproject.org
Tue Feb 26 09:49:22 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

We’re going to have the second part of this visioning exercise this Friday 1st March at 19:00 UTC on #tor-meeting.

During the first part we discussed why we need a Tor Browser and some potential directions for the Tor Browser for the future. 

For this next session we will discuss our current users and how Tor Browser helps them with a view to the problems they will have in future and how we can continue serving them. 

We will also discuss where the Tor Browser fits into the Tor Project and what value it provides to TPI as an organisation. 

Additionally, on a more personal note, it would be good if everyone can think about the following questions to answer during the meeting, or even before on this thread:

- why are you excited to work on Tor Browser
- why you care about it
- what positive change Tor Browser should bring about, and 
- how will Tor Browser shape the future. 

I’m excited to hear your views!


Project Manager: Tor Browser, UX and Community teams
pili at torproject dot org 
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