[tor-project] Tor Browser meeting notes, 25 Feb 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Feb 25 19:45:00 UTC 2019

Hi everyone!

Our weekly Tor Browser meeting just finished. Here come the link to the
IRC log


and, as usual, the contents of our meeting pad:

Week of February 25, 2019
    - Brainstorming dev meeting invites - is there anyone that we're
working with a lot that we want to make sure is invited?
    - Tor Browser dev hiring process
    - Tor Browser vision exercise part II scheduling (GeKo: presumably
on Friday 3/1 1900 UTC; pili nails that down)

    Since last meeting:
        - helped with publishing of the new releases, signing of the
alpha, and following blog comments
        - reported #29476 (Add RecommendedTBBVersions to the new website)
        - reported #29550 (Tor nightly fails to build for Windows)
        - reviewed #25849 (Ship tor in Tor Browser nightly builds for
Windows with Rust enabled)
        - fixed #29556 (nightly builds and testsuite emails)
        - reviewed #27210 (TBA - Support i386 target)
        - made patch for #29579 (Fix typo in projects/tor/build)
        - made patch for #28685 (Tor Browser for Android needs a more
dynamic Build ID)
    This week:
        - try to finsh patch for #26323 (Build 32bit Linux bundles on
64bit systems)
        - continue work on testsuite
        - some reviews
        - look at CVs of browser developer candidates

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Made progress on #28044 (Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser).
        - Finished #27486 (Onboarding: "Visit an Onion" creates an
"about:blank" loading page)
        - Debugged #29497 (After tor crash, firefox.exe shoots up to
50+% cpu usage)
        - Provided feedback on the browser developer hiring criteria
(brade) and on some of the candidates (mcs).
        - Helped with triage of incoming bugs.
    This week/soon:
        - Make patches available for #28044 (Integrate Tor Launcher into
        - #29430 (meek-lite support in TL)
        - Review the Firefox updater security audit report.

  Last week(s):
   - 29080: PR for TOPL accepted and merged
   - 29312: Create tor-browser-build for TOPL (in review)
   - 29313: Create tor-browser-build for tor-android-service (in
review). Involved additional changes to packaging and proguard use. Made
tor-android-service gradle build more configurable. This replaces
   - 29574: Modify Orbot project in tor-browser-build to use TOPL (in
   - 29575: Create tor-browser-build for Firefox with TOPL libraries (in
progress). - Resolving some issues around duplicate classes in dependencies.
   This Week:
   - 29575 - complete this
   - Testing APK
   - Start looking at changes of new Orbot UI to see what changes may
need to be made

    Last week(s):

        - built snowman

          - fell on ice
          - snow in the eyes
        - made a custom build for pili and antonella with #25658 changes
        - filed #29554 (about:preferences links do not function
properly, needed for #25658)
        - most of the way done with #25658
        - built alpha builds; a bit of a shit-show as i686 linux refuses
to build on my machines

            - boklm: I neglected this a bit to focus on getting pili's
macos build out, but everything matches on my end apart from the macos
mar-tools (which doesn't quite seem right, given that all the other
macos builds match)

    This week:
        - tonight! upoad macos mar tools file for boklm diff
        - uplift #29120 (neglected this one last week)
        - get a patch up for #25658

      - hopefully fix #29554

        - started to cut down my backlog
        - reviewed #29759
        - wrote patches for #27210 and #29467
    This week:
        - more backlog cutting down
        - reviews and help with mobile work
        - release prep (hopefully)
        - new month team admin stuff

    Last week:
        - Mainly security settings user testing in India!
    This week:
        - Tor Browser release meeting
        - Tor Browser vision exercise part II
        - Organising and sharing India user testing and workshop notes
        - Onion Services proposal got accepted by OTF!
        - NLNet proposal for ESR migration got through to the second round

    Last week:
    - Testing TBA
    - Preparing TB usability research in India and Indonesia
    This week:
    - #29440 - Update about:tor when Tor Browser is updated
    - Could we have some of these bridge decisions in TBA? sysrqb,
sisbell, igt0, geko? [GeKo: yes, this sounds like something we should
consider and build upon Anto: Awesome]

    - Start digesting user research from India

    Last weeks:
        Put #28329 in review (TBA bootstrapping)
        Reviewed (most) TOPL patches
        Nearly have a F-Droid build ready for submission
        Worked on fastlane integration and auto-generating screenshots
    This week:
        Finish F-Droid submission patch
        Continue work on fastlane integration
        Review other tba-a3 tickets


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