[tor-project] Notes from February 21 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 22 08:10:46 UTC 2019

Notes for February 21 2019 meeting:

1) Travelling around India meeting lots of great people
2) Security Settings user testing
3) Organising Outreachy projects and mentors
4) Working on finalising illustration ideas for website

1) new Tor releases coming out today for 0.3.3.x and later.  Fixing a
medium-severity security issue. Probably no need for anybody to worry --
just upgrade to be safe.
2) 0.4.0.x is triaged.  If there is a ticket not in the "Tor
0.4.0.x-final" milestone that you need fixed in 0.4.0, please let the
network team know ASAP.  Scheduled release date is April 15, so we need
to aim for rc status around March 25.
3) Working on a draft proposal to make onionbalance workable with v3
onion services; getting feedback from dgoulet and asn
4) Trying to get Chutney into CI.

1) Looking for donors to sponsor Outreachy interns. Will send an email
to a segment of past donors.
2) Working on a welcome email for people who join the email list.
3) NLnet ESR migration proposal moving onto the next round of review.
4) NLnet metrics proposal not accepted so we are looking for other grant
opportunities for this work.
5) Creating Fundraising Team Wiki with sections for past YE campaigns.
6) Helping with second phase of Handshake funding.

1) Put Open Collective in touch with Sarah
2) Working with Pilar on the Outreachy call for a Frontend Dev intern,
project Styleguide
3) Working with Hiro on tpo.org issues
4) Working with Caroline on Q1 user research
5) Coordinating user research in Indonesia with emmapeel and gus
6) Wrapping outreach material
7) Reviewing Country Pages with Elio. Planing next steps on the Explorer

1) organizing ED tea time for March 21st, Thursday, 1400 UTC time
2) working with fundraising team and comms team on different projects
3) working w/ sue on our answers to the auditing finding docs, budget
for travel, budget for dev meeting
4) preparing FY budget for July2019/June2020

1) Chatted with Mozilla about the internet health report. They’ll be
sending over some questions for us to answer.
2) Planning possible DEF CON booth submission, going over details
3) Talk was accepted to LibrePlanet. Waiting to hear about more details
about having a booth
4) Editing website copy and brainstorming/reviewing illustrations
5) Planning upcoming content
6) Working with Pili to apply for a comms intern through Outreachy
7) Press inquiry.

1) Discussed OnionPerf failures and timeouts with network team folks and
spotted a few starting points for fixing things towards improving
user-perceived performance.

1) Circuitpadding work
2) QUIC and other performance+scalability discussions via email

1) Working on audit
2) Disbursements and Payroll Processing
3) General Accounting stuff

1) metrics: sent report for jan for s13
2) network team:
 - reading processes
 - trying to calculate capacity per sponsor/release
3) anti-censorship team: commenting on report from kat
4) ooni: reviewing hiring process for backend dev

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