[tor-project] Notes from February 14 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 15 07:16:52 UTC 2019

Notes for February 14 2019 meeting:

1) Doing what is needed to launch tpo.org at the end of the month.
  a) Sent Call for QA to tor internal.
  b) Replied all the emails I received about that.
  c) Triaged all the tickets filed for it.
  d) Working with Hiro on those tickets.
  e) Ran first run of illustrations discussions at the UX team meeting.
2) Met
  a) Kevin Gallagher about further collaboration and next academic
usability research.
  b) Eillen from Simply Secure about the new metrics portal, the ckan
theming and, underexposed summer edition.
  c) A researcher who is going to interview me about the work doing at
the UX team.
  d) Firefox monthly meeting.
  e) Gus, a usability researcher connected via Gaba.
3) Designing donate.tpo.org/cryptocurrencies.
4) Reviewing Caroline Sinders scripts for user research.
5) Pari is running user research in India.
6) Pilar is traveling to India to run user research.
7) Emmapeel is traveling to Indonesia to run user research.
8) Designing covers for the Outreach Material.
9) Reviewing OONI Country pages redesign.

1) 0.4.1.x merge window opens tomorrow
2) New 0.4.0.x and 0.3.5.x likely around the end of the month
3) Team still recovering from Brussels. We have to be careful how much
travel we do!

1) network team:
  a) convert roadmap into the kanban board
  b) started looking at the onion services project (sponsor 27)
2) ooni:
  a) reviewing applications to the backend developer position & looking
for a fair way to evaluate them

1) Getting into Sponsor2 work for 0.4.1; it is starting to balloon up

1) created comms 2019 roadmap from the strategy, met with roger and isa
to finish
2) final website and illos reviews
3) press inquiries and interview coordination
4) preparing def con vendor application
5) chatting about mozilla's internet health report on tuesday
6) meetup and event promotions
7) ED tea time arrangements

1) adding missing monthly gifts from Paypal into Civi to reconcile all
of the different systems
2) planning additions/modifications to the Fundraising Team and Sponsors
3) prep for DRL SOIs due next month
4) looking for major donors to sponsor an Outreachy intern
5) planning for cryptocurrency page and outreach when we launch

1) Worked on getting, hopefully, final documentation to auditors
2) Working on responses to findings for the auditors
3) Normal Accounting stuff, payroll, disbursements, allocations and

1) reviewing auditors findings docs
2) working on confirming hotel and kicking off some of the dev meeting
3) personnel stuff
4) syncs w/ PEP, NYU - meeting steph and Roger
5) vegas team availability to be part of execution team of dev meeting
6) I will be offline for 2 weeks in November [yesterday i had it down as
oct, is it nov now? -steph]

1) Ran Community Team Vision Brainstorming
2) Browser Roadmap Kanban maintenance
3) India prep
4) Reviewing Browser developer CVs
5) Write ups for Tor Browser and Community Vision Brainstorming
6) I will be mainly afk in India next week for S9 travel

1) Working on a second draft of the user-perceived performance analysis
based on existing OnionPerf data.

1) hr stuff

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