[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 11 Feb 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Feb 12 06:47:00 UTC 2019

Hi all!

We had another weekly Tor Browser team meeting yesterday in
#tor-meeting2. The IRC log can be found at:

And the notes from our pad are copied below for your convenience:

Monday February 11, 2019
    - vision meeting retrospective?

- Tor Browser as a full browser brainstorm
    - hiring with folks from other teams involved? [GeKo: We could think
about including folks from other teams in later stages of the hiring

    Last week:
        - begin of the month team admin stuff (mcs/brade: I realized we
had #27484 and #27486 as items on the roadmap. What do you think about
those two for 8.5? At least the latter seems to be low-hanging fruit at
first glance reply from mcs: More discussion is needed for #27484; maybe
the UX team can test and get some feedback. I added #27486 to our TODO list)
        - reviews (#29120, #29183, #29238, #29378, #28885, #29180,
#29349, #29325, backport of #29185 and friends to maint-8.0 branch)
        - wrote a patch for x86 Android support (up for review in #27210)
        - wrote a patch for aarch64 support (seems to compile fine; we
have missing aarch64 support for Orbot, though, see: #28119)
        - wrote a patch for Rust support for Tor in Windows nightly
builds (#25849)
        - wrote patch for #29453
        - worked on the NSIS reproducibility issue (#29185), but no easy
fix is in sight; need to see NSIS in action to understand what is wrong
        - vision meeting prep and follow-ups
        - thought a bit more about the patch for our mingw-w64-clang
toolchain, need to do at least another revision once we are in better
shape with Tor Browser 8.5 for Android
        - TBA-a3 planning and work (Torbutton localization which ties
into #10760 + mobile branding #28622)
        - release prep
    This week:
        - release prep
        - TBA-a3 work
        - doing the vacation thing

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Created a patch for #29328 (account for tor 0.4.0.x's revised
bootstrap status reporting).
        - Revised patch for #28885 (notify users that update is
        - Helped a little with #29347 (Rewrite meek-http-helper as a
        - Looked at #29045 (ask tor to leave dormant mode).
            - Filed #29357 for the Network Team to work on (add an
ActiveOnStartup config option)
        - Worked on #28044 (Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser).
            - Received and responded to helpful feedback from intrigeri.
        - Code reviews.
        - Participated in Tor Browser Vision meeting.
    This week/soon:
        - #28044 (Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser).
        - #27486 (Onboarding: "Visit an Onion" creates an "about:blank"
loading page)
        - Spend more time looking at the Firefox updater security audit

 - Wrote the tor browser as a full browser brainstorm above
 - Fixed some tough tests for letterboxing. Hope to land it in Nightly
this week. That would be really cool.
   - For those curious: making a colored margin, or a striped or
otherwise non-white margin is not easy :) So it's white.
 - I will go on leave around Mar 11 until possibly late May
 - Talked to Jacek about accessibility
(https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1520177 ), got a
comparison file. No further movement
 - Organization for the monthly Mozilla/Tor meeting tomorrow!
 - confirmed gk's mingwclang builds run fine for me
    - read cypherpunks comments about the toolchain. While I agree with
most of them, they
      all seem to be very non-essential changes; and I am more
enthusiastic to work on more impactful work.
 - this and next few weeks: aside from letterboxing, mostly non-Tor
stuff unless someone wants/needs something in particular [GeKo: I think
it would be helpful to put the -g -gcodeview behind
--enable-debug-symbols or something. We exclude that for the toolchain
already][tjr: The correct incantation to avoid the debug flags should be
--disable-debug --enable-debug-symbols=""]

    Last week:

        - #26568 (security settings) UI work, plumbed through torbutton
settings to new about:preferences and partially in the door-hanger

        - alpha release build

    This week:

    - finish functionality/plumbing work for #25658, pipe in torbutton

    - macOS build for antonela and pili's india trip (by Wednesday)

    - uplift #29120

  Last week:
   - Added patches for tor-android-service
   - 29312 TBB for TOPL - working - requires some minor patches for versions
   This Week:
  - 29313 - TBB for tor-android-service
  - TBB with Orbot UI (whatever is currently in build but this should be
compatible with new UI version)
  - By end of week I expect to have full TBB generated apk ready for

    Last week:
        TBA Bootstrapping (#28329)
        Reviewing TOPL patches
    This week:
        Push #28329 branch for review (today)
        Squeeze in any a3 patches, if possible
        TBA-a3 prep

    Last week:
        - Allowed the tor circuit for TBA to use strings from
torbutton(part of the #28580)
        - TBB/TBA release prep meeting
        - Tried to follow the TOPL reviews/conversation
     This week:
         - More integration and edge case fixes for #28580

       Last week:
           - made patches for:
               - #29325 (Non-Android Tor Browser nightly builds are
broken when compiling obfs4)
               - #29183 (We are using Linux i686 langpacks in the Linux
x86_64 builds)
               - #29378 (Remove from default bridges)
            - backported #29158, #29181, #29235 patches to maint-8.0
            - worked on #26323 (Build 32bit Linux bundles on 64bit systems)
        This week:
            - help with new releases
            - try to finish patch for #26323 (Build 32bit Linux bundles
on 64bit systems)
            - continue work on testsuite
            - fix nightly builds emails
            - some reviews
       Last week:
           - Tying up GSoC loose ends and submission
           - Preparing for Tor Browser vision brainstorm
        This week:
            - Follow up from vision brainstorm
            - India prep
            - I'll be in India next week so I'll miss the meeting but
will be available via email and IRC - will need a custom build with
security settings:)

      Last week:
          - Prepared usability testing for India
      This week:
          - Support what is needed for TBA release
          - Check TB build for user testing
          - Added #27484 for ux discussion


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