[tor-project] January 2019 report for the UX team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Mon Feb 11 13:25:40 UTC 2019

Hello Tor, 

During January the UX team have been collaborating with the Community
Team on creating our new outreach material. Our ongoing work with
Personas allowed us to create content focused on each different use case
and user goal. We are going to have it localized and ready for download
and print for organizations and partners who want to use them with their
local communities. You can sneak peek them now:

TBA is going to reach stable probably in March, and we worked closely
with the mobile team to provide an intuitive and smooth experience for
users connecting to Tor. The work is currently in development, and you
can follow our design discussions here:

Are you a Tor Browser Alpha kind of person? If yes, you already saw our
new Tor Browser icon in action. If not, you can experience it by
downloading our Alpha here (you can give us feedback also!) Thanks
pospeselr for this shiny implementation!

Pilar started a kanban board to track our open projects. You can lurk
them here:

During our global-south travel in Colombia last year, we met Bea. She is
an activist and a Tor and Tails heavy user. We put her in contact with
our friends at Tails and Sajolida interviewed her. They made it public
this month, and you can read it: 

We are still working with OONI on Explorer revamp. January was the time
for the Country pages redesign. Our goals with this redesign are: giving
an understanding to a visitor about how comprehensive and reliable the
data OONI has on that country, present high-level findings, provide
insights that act as an entry point to the search pages and
cross-reference link to OONI research reports for that country. Maria
coordinated usability research for our first wireframe iteration with
partners, and it gave us light on how researchers are using Explorer
nowadays and what they expect for the next iteration. That allowed us to
work in a new round of high definition mockups focusing on how we are
displaying data and how we are enabling the interface for researchers to
compare across data sets. Take a look at this hottie that Elio is
working on:

The new Tor Project website is about to see the light, and we are
polishing details in staging to make it possible:

Caroline Sinders is joining us this quarter as our User Research
Coordinator. We put together the plans for our user Research for this
Q119. We want to collect feedback on our new Onboarding and also on our
new Security Settings. You can read them here:

Gaba and Pilar collected priorities and needs for each team at the
project. The UX Team ones for this 2019 are listed here:

Hiro and I proposed a new feature for OnionShare that allows users to
publish ephemeral .onion sites by merely dragging and dropping a folder
inside OnionShare. This month, we got micahflee blessing, and it is
scheduled for the next 2.1 release. You can read more here:
Are you a person interested on end-users? If you arrived to the end of
this email, probably yes. Remember that our weekly meetings happen every
Tuesday at 1400 UTC ​in #tor-meeting on OFTC.

See you online!

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