[tor-project] Notes from February 7 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 8 07:58:12 UTC 2019

Notes for February 7 2019 meeting:

1) Moving forward with OONI Explorer design work
2) Resolving some incident which results in some measurements not being
available in OONI Explorer and in the API

1) Moving forward with our mobile and toolchain work
2) Tor (Browser) hiring

1) GSoC Application for Tor submitted
2) Reviewed VPN with Tor doc
3) Organising Team Vision brainstorming sessions.

1) Working on training materials for the community portal. Also still
finishing the outreach materials.
2) LFI recruitment
3) Three months checkins with all members of the first LFI cohort
4) Working on LF website redesign
5) Working on LFI curriculum
6) Colin held a relay operator meetup at FOSDEM
7) Kat is working on the next sponsor 19 report
8) Maggie wrote the first draft of the Tor vs VPN doc. I still need to
review it!
9) Gus and emma held an AMA with Localization Lab.
10) Next community team meeting will be a brainstorming session about
where we want to go in the next few years.

1) Recovering from Brussels meeting.
2) trying to wrap stuff up for 0.4.0.  Make sure we know if there is a
bug that you think is an 0.4.0 blocker or a must-backport blocker.V We
don't need to have a discussion about this at this meeting, but please
make sure that it is tagged with tbb-wants or tbb-needs, or the
appropriate version of that for your project or team.
3) 0.4.1 opens for merges at the end of next week.
4) We're changing how we merge stuff in Tor: we plan to require that for
each merge,  the author, the reviewer, and the merger be three separate
5) Put out proposal 300: it's a start of a plan for scaling tor.
6) Due to brussels meeting recovery and upcoming leave, expect network
team to be at low capacity for a while. Make sure we know about what you
need us to know.

1) Recovering from brussels
2) Tagged a new vanguard release. Waiting on debian packages to appear
in testing, then will do a blog post about using vanguards with onion
services and Tor Browser.

1) Donation page redesign and adding pages for monthly giving, major
donors, and cryptocurrency.
2) Finalized Kraken account that will allow us to accept additional
types of cryptocurrencies. Setting up wallets with the most requested.
Engaging with folks who can cross promote to their followers when we launch.
3) Contacted all monthly donors to send 2018 donation statement.
4) Working with Jon to sort out some data-entry details.
5) Al submitted two proposals to NLnet and an OTF proposal as well as a
narrative rewrite for the OTF onion services proposal.
6) Helped with the new Sponsors page.

1) inquiries.
2) working on the comms strategy
3) will be chatting with Mozilla about the internet health report.
4) finished new tor stories survey, will start sharing soon
5) reviewing website content

1) Had a very useful team meeting together with the network team and
sysadmin team in Brussels.
2) Made a new 6-month roadmap from February to July that will soon show
up as Storm Kanban thing.
3) Started analyzing parts of the OnionPerf data that didn't make it to
the Tor Metrics website so far.
4) Wrote down initial guidelines for adding new data to Tor Metrics

1) working on budget estimations for dev meeting
2) Working w/ Sue on follow ups w/ sida
3) catching up on backlog of to do items from before Brussels
4) catching up w/ backlog of to do items from Brussels
5) planning a trip to Seattle office in March (probably week of March 11)
6) sent dev meeting change update to tor-project/internal

1) did a talk in FOSDEM last week, went great, we have designers
interested in our work and I should back to them.
2) working on usability research documents for India and Thailand travels.
3) pushing all that is needed to have tpo.org and landings ready for
release. You can sneak peek here
4) working on donate.tpo wireframes to discuss this week meeting.
5) working on introducing a Call for Design structure where we can
enable new UXD collabs to work on projects without funding.
6) working with OONI on Explorer redesign, we did usability research, we
did a retrospective after that, and we are working on high definition
mockups now.
7) preparing a call with Simply Secure next week to talk about Persona
and a new possible OTF project, the new metrics portal.

1) recovering from hackweek
2) still in brussels doing tails stuff
3) digitalizing stuff from hackweek

1) General hr stuff

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