[tor-project] Anti-Censorship Team Meeting Notes, 7 Feb 2019

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Thu Feb 7 20:51:30 UTC 2019


The weekly anti-censorship team meeting just finished. The IRC log of
the meeting can be found at


We had two discussion topics for the meeting this week:

- The Brussels meeting. We walked over what we discussed and worked on
  in Brussels that was related to the anti-censorship team.

- The Snowflake workflow: We discussed how we should onboard more people
  to get involved with the Snowflake codebase. For now we'll ramp up the
  new people on the anti-censorship team and try to help each other with
  doing code reviews, but we continue with Trac + git.torproject.org.
  Later on we can look into experimenting with more "modern" workflows
  such as Gitlab if that becomes available.

The status updates from this week:

    Last week:
    - hackweek in Brussels

    This week (02/07):
    - digitalize roadmap from hackweek
    - get up all the stuff from snowflake, bridgedb and pluggable transports into its own roadmaps.

  This week:
    - Going over BridgeDB infrastructure with sysrqb.
    - Got commit access to bridgedb.git and ssh access to the machine where it 
      is running.
    - Documenting everything in the process!

    Last week:
    - Tor meeting in Brussels + attended FOSDEM.
    - Onboarding of cohosh
    - Roadmapping with cohosh, arma, and gaba. Lots of tickets was created. Sorry for the confusion if some of the tickets have slightly vague descriptions.
    This week:
    - Relax a bit after our meeting.
    - Follow up on everything from the meeting: look at roadmapped tickets, etc.
    - Continue with architecture document.
    - Figure out where we should begin with Snowflake: code reviews, repositories, etc.
    - Do the goptlibext library after discussing with dcf on #28940

    Working on:
      - report 2
          - going over new tickets (since Brussels) to figure out what to integrate into report 2 

     Help with:
      - private bridge guide for NGOs (hold off until we figure out a strategy for making set-up easy)
          - not sure where this is nor what should heppen next

anto (offline):

    Working on:
    - Planning a Call for Design for Gettor, once we have the PRD doc ready - https://docs.google.com/document/d/18R_tUnqfFkn7d93w0pEbBOLxB62KAWHbUGd5MPKLB8w/edit?usp=sharing

pili (offline):
    working on:
        - gettor
            - agreed on next steps to deploy refactored code with ilv and hiro
    - still need to define project scope with gaba, antonela and hiro 

    help with:
        - Browser team can't commit anyone to work on snowflake web extension - can we not just: 
            a) wait for integration into cupcake (see https://github.com/glamrock/cupcake/issues/24) - we can help them with this also
            b) wait for anti-censorship developer - we need to also think about who is going to maintain this webextension

dcf: 2019-02-07
    Last week:
        - added proxy support and more tests to meek with uTLS, now a merge candidate (#29077)
        - meek and snowflake sysadmin (#29171, #29172, gave cohosh access to broker and bridge hosts)
        - checked the meek fingerprint in Tor Browser 8 (#26241)
        - upgraded Go in tor-browser-build (#29167)
        - housekeeping in tor-browser-build (#29349)
        - started working on a WebExtension port of meek-http-helper, for compatibility with the next ESR and for experimentation with ESNI (#29347)
    This week:
        - get review on meek with uTLS, maybe merge?
        - open a discussion about meek/meek_lite with uTLS in Tor Browser to replace the headless Firefox
        - meek-http-helper WebExtension
    Help with:
        - review on https://bugs.torproject.org/29308 - disable old Snowflake proxy-go instances
        - review on https://bugs.torproject.org/29077#comment:20 - meek-client with uTLS

    Working on:
     - Will also have a look at the WebExtension ticket #23888 :)
     - Looking for something where they can help!!! - If you have anything in the direction of "research" or "investigation" in something, then I'm your guy! :)
     (- I'm working on a research project about censor <-> classical attacker in game theory. That's maybe later, when I have results :), interesting for UX/dev stuff.)

    uniqx and I have been working on ways to integrate PTs into apps easily. we have a working client/server automation setup based in Python. 
    We also were trying to do a more generic proxy, https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-dev/2019-January/013637.html

     n8fr8 is working on getting obfs4 into our Android Pluggable Transports library. he's having trouble getting it to connect to our server automation

     In Feb, I'll be working on figuring out a good URL scheme for bridge configuraton - #15035

     OTF accepted our Concept Note with Stephen Farrell for working on ESNI and ensuring circumvention is included.  We are submitting the proposal now, chances look good!

cecylia (cohosh): 
    Last week:
        - network team meeting in Brussels
        - started getting onboarded to new anti-censorship team
        - looked a bit into what we need before we talk to NGOs about reachability of obfs4 bridges
    This week:
        - Come up with a definite plan for obfs4 reachability tests
        - Continue getting up to speed on snowflake
        - Start on Snowflake tasks
    Help with:
         - Decisions on workflow for various projects (Snowflake, and BridgeDB)
         - Will probably reach out for questions about current infrastructure

    week of 2019-01-28 (2019-W05) (actual):
        - Brussels meeting
    week of 2019-02-04 (2019-W06) (planned):
        - recovery from travel
        - maybe look at #28925 some more

Alexander Færøy

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