[tor-project] Notes from Vegas meetings - August 15th and August 22nd

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Aug 23 01:09:57 UTC 2019

Notes for August 15 2019 meeting:

Agenda/things to discuss:

+ Any thoughts on how we should look at evaluating events where to have Tor presence (for other reasons than fundraising)?
-   Budget is first consideration
-   Open call for events - asking around for who wants to have us at their events
-   Keep a running list of events, indicate priority (i.e. “must do” and “maybe”)

+ anarcat
-   [general discussion about taking inventory of LDAP accounts]


Regular notes:

1. Feedback reviews should be done by now. If not, please try to finish them as soon as possible. Each team lead should send me their note summary document for each person they reviewed for our files.

    1. Helping Sue get all the things together for audit
    2. Writing a letter about vision for the next year or so to send out to sponsors/community
    3. Organized all the tasks regarding our fundraising strategy
    4. Podcast interview today w/ btc magazine folks
    5. preparing for meeting next week w/ sloan foundation

    1. DEF CON total income is $43,072! We also made some great connections that may lead to additional income.
    2. Digging out from accumulated email from vacation and DEF CON.
    3. Scheduling and coordinating major donor event and visits.
    4. Beginning to plan YE campaign.

1.   Helping Al with IPv6 and Scalability funding proposals.
2.   Moving forward with gitlab's testing and document on evaluation and planning - Trying to come up with a way to pre-evaluate events/conferences that we go to.

    1. RT: frontdesk queue now is below 970, doing some backlog triage to see what we missed.
    2. RT: Do we have someone answering bridges queue? Trademark request for commercial use: do we have someone checking these proposals? (gaba: I haven't but could check) (steph: i got/responded to the trademark q you assigned to me on RT -- you can keep doing that for those in RT or fwd emails to comms@)
    3. This week finished to do all S9 finance report - phase2
    4. DocsHackathon: it will happen september 1-7, doing tickets triage #docshackathon in dip.tpo and moving from trac.tpo
    5. Updating blog calendar with our activities in CCCamp2019: https://blog.torproject.org/events/cccamp-germany
    6. More community.tpo work
    7. Submitted Partnership Agreement to Erin
    8. Offline this friday

 1.   Reviewing Nah's progress on user research reporting
 2.   Reviewing Tunde's progress on his research
 3.   Helping with grant proposals: Community DRL, TB OTF
 4.   Regular s9, s27 and s30 work
 5.   Working with OONI Explorer for the stable release.
 6.   Helping Community with the support.tpo/tb-manual #docshackhaton
 7.   Shared TB usage survey responses
 8.   I'm making MediaParty and NotPinkCon events later this month in Argentina.

1) Back from DEFCON. Participated on a panel in the Blockchain village. Ran the booth all weekend. Thanks to Jon, Sarah, Roger, Rachel, and see_ess for help making this a success. Created materials for the defcon and ccc tables. Setting up a debrief call to collect processes and lessons learned.
2) #TorBugSmash still going. Contacting verified accounts and influencers for help sharing.
3) Writing/editing a page on the dark web for TPO.
4) Starting campaign briefs for upcoming campaigns on running relays and bridges.
5) Meeting with folks at NYU CSAW next week.
6) Responded to an inquiry from Telegraph.
7) Coordinated Isa to go on a podcast with Bitcoin Magazine.

1. Working on bugfixes and documentation for Sponsor2 wrap-up

1. Preparation for CCC camp
2. Wrapping up OONI Explorer work in preparation for launch. Testing of https://explorer-beta.ooni.io/ and bug reporting is appreciated :)
3. Progress on OONI Probe Desktop apps
4. Published a post on the blocking of IM apps and africanarguments.org in Ethiopia: https://ooni.io/post/resurgence-internet-censorship-ethiopia-2019/

1.   Decided to have BridgeDB patches reviewed by cohosh instead of sysrqb.
2.   Scheduled call with organisation that we could assist with private obfs4 bridges.
3.   Progress on BridgeDB and snowflake.
4.   Drafted blog post for our "set up new obfs4 bridges" campaign.
5.   Reviewed IPv6 grant proposal.
6.   Some last-minute updates of obfs4 setup guide before Roger's DEFCON talk.
7.   Keeping GetTor alive.


Notes for August 22 2019 meeting:

Agenda/things to discuss:

+ Should we discuss SVN? it seems we're getting close to ready to shut it down, and we discussed it in stockholm... see ticket #17202 and related (not emergency)
-   Hard to decide definitively at this meeting bc the few people who still use it were not present
-   Adding to general NextCloud discussion


Regular notes:

    1. afk last week
    2. Mainly working on getting our Docs Hackathon ready for first week of September
    3. Helping Al with some funding proposals
    4. Helping to get Orfox users transitioned to TBA
    5. Organising lots of meetings...
    6. Coming up with a plan for keeping our websites maintained and updated

    1. Back from vacation
    2. 0.4.1.x series is now stable
    3. Several team members coming back online from August vacations

    1. Met with an ex-coworker who is now at Linux Foundation to talk about their membership model for corporations
    2. Meeting with Josh from Sloan foundation this Friday to learn more about their work
    3. Reviewing fund proposals
    4. Working on audit stuff for Sue (organizing information she will need, working with Erin on employee handbook updates)
    5. Finalizing a vision letter to the community to give some context for our priorities
    6. Moving Jon towards a junior PM role to help money machine
    7. Other stuff (reviewing comms texts, fundraising related tasks, etc)

1. Debriefing from Def Con to prepare for next time, collect lessons learned
2. Meeting with folks at NYU about office space and having a table at CSAW in November. Also met with their comms team about announcing the office space
3. Preparing for upcoming campaigns: bridges, relays, documentation, EOY
4. Working on materials for our fundraising deck
5. Drafting a page to demystify onion services, waiting for review

1. Setting up meetings for Isa with major donors in Seattle and San Francisco
2. Plans for house party in Boston in October
3. Mapping out YE campaign
4. Met with cryptocurrency donation organization Giving Block

1. mostly working on handbook
2. general HR stuff
3. finally got on nextcloud :)

1.  should we discuss SVN? it seems we're getting close to ready to shut it down, and we discussed it in stockholm... see ticket #17202 and related
2.  shutdown ns2.torproject.org - old machine, has 4 other machines doing the same service

1   Reviewing nah's reporting for Q1Q219
2   Working on materials for user research with communities
3   Following up with Tunde's ICFP progress
4   Working on TB network settings
5   Supporting the community team for the docs hackathon
6   Stuffs (made assets for the fundraising team, connected clash with steph for graphic design needs, reviewed grants and blogposts, syncing with GP on Onion Browser, taiwan logistics for OTF are done)

1   Helping Al with funding proposals on IPv6 and scalability.
2   Still working on migration plan (anti-censorship and network teams are using gitlab for roadmap board)
3   Moz/Tor monthly meeting
4   Scheduling meeting for next steps on transition to nextcloud. Setting up space for agenda.

1. Back from vacation
2. Being at CCCamp peparing the updates from the onion talk
3. Work on getting Tor Browser based on ESR68 in an alpha shape

1   Had a call with an NGO about distributing private obfs4 bridges for its users.
2   Released BridgeDB version 0.8.0.

1.  Started looking into emulating different Fast/Guard cutoffs in historical consensuses (#31435).
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