[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 12 and 19 August 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Aug 20 07:42:00 UTC 2019


Here come the notes from our last two meetings, held on 12 and 19
August. The IRC logs can be found at:


The status updates and discussion items for both meetings are:

Week of August 19, 2019
  - next alpha release (switch to esr68? what about the notarization bug
(#30126))? [GeKo: decision is postponed for next week, while targetting
alpha as expected]
  - transition to gitlab - what are the browser team requirements for
this? [GeKo: We'll pick the discussion up once Tor Browser 9 is out (end
of October)]

    Last Week:
        - afk
    This Week:
        - backlog
        - CCCamp
        - getting remaining toolchains ready for nightly builds (I have
a patch for macOS shortly)
        - browser meetup (sysrqb/pospeselr: can I ignore all the related
mails or do you need anything from me here? Something good to read I
guess: https://webkit.org/tracking-prevention-policy/ and John
Wilander's presentation at USENIX was good as well I heard) [sysrqb:
yes, I think you can ignore them. They don't have much info.]
        - reviews  (#30429 and related bugs/patches)
        - desktop toolchains (#30323, where I do a final test, windows
(#28238, #28716 etc.))
        - I need to prep for the talk at CCCamp

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase).
            - finished rebasing the updater patches.
            - tested the ESR68-based updater on Linux and macOS.
            - posted patches for review.
        - Helped with triage of incoming tickets.
     This week/upcoming:
        - We have several family commitments during the week of August
26th and will only be working Tuesday & Wednesday (27-Aug and 28-Aug).
        - We will be away from keyboard on September 5th and 6th (and
Monday September 2 is a U.S. holiday).
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — rebase updater patches.
            - test the ESR68-based updater on Windows.
            - revise the patches in response to acat’s feedback.
        - #29430: Use uTLS for meek TLS camouflage in Tor Browser.
        - #30126 (Make Tor Browser on macOS compatible with Apple's
        - Respond to Antonela's comments in #30237 (Onion Services
client auth prompt).

    Last week:
        Identified cause of #31140 - crash on aarch64 Android
        More progress on #31010 68esr rebase
    This week:
        More progress on #31010
        Start writing OrfoxRIP blog post

    Last week:
        - afk
        - made patch for #31447 (adding a comment about why we install
the python package)
    This week:
        - Work on fix for #31449 (Signing tools for 32bit Linux are
64bit now)
        - Investigate #31448 (gold and lld break linking 32bit Linux
bundles we need to resort to bfd)
        - Review #30334 (build_go_lib for executables) and #31264
(tar.gz output files contain nonreproducible timestamps)
        - Review/help with other toolchain updates

    Last week:
        - afk
    This week:
        - Orfox RIP blogpost
        - Team capacity, time estimations and task re-org - sent an email
        - S27 meeting

    Last week:
        - Review latest updater patches (#30429)
        - Security slider translation deduplication (#24653).
        - Investigated why search icons disappear in nightly
    This week:
        - Investigate #31396.
        - Port #30683 to esr68 (and probably backport #31298 together)
        - Add missing commits from tor-browser-60.8.0esr-9.0-1 to #30429
        - Fix regression for
        - Investigate why onboarding does not work in nightly.
        - Maybe do style fixing pass for #30429

 - No report I can think of

 - Guardian Project is planning their future work with Onion Browser,
and they want to get closer with feature/UI matching to TBA. I put some
notes here, could you help me to list what am i missing?
https://pad.riseup.net/p/TBA9 [GeKo: I can take a look]
 - Network Settings (#31286) - are we good using the Tor Browser icon in
Tor network settings? Thanks for your comment at the issue folks!

Last Week:
  - #31293: grade version 4.1 fails if network not enabled from rbm
conf. Disabling network ok for 4.10
  - got build working all the way through release for arm using new
  - generated new gradle dependencies
  - detailed diffs between Firefox esr68 build and our version, Only sig
difference is we are picking up rust 1.34 vs their 1.35, although both
This week
  - Testing of new build (some Firefox doc that arm may not work with
NDK 17 build)
  - add additional android arch support
  - updated gradle dependency doc on how to update since this changes
with 4.10

      - Last Week:
          - booked (and rebooked) travel to silicon valley downtown sf
          - finished the xul layout for bridge settings in about:preferences
      - This week:
          - browser privacy meeting background prep
          - start wiring up preferences xul to tor launcher logic

Week of August 12, 2019


    Last Week:
        - office build machine setup fun
        - a bit of #31293 investigation ( broken tor-onion-proxy-library
build )
        - #31286 work ( network settings, new settings panel prototyped)
   This Week:
       - more #31286 (get all the visual elements laid out, then work on
making it functional)
       - travel prep

 - Got a couple of patches uplifted to 68 \o/
 - Worked on the alloc/dealloc mismatch. Had a working solution, it
wasn't fully conceptually complete, working on that aspect.
   - Note: an x86 mingw-clang build of -esr68 with jemalloc enabled WILL

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - #30126 (Make Tor Browser on macOS compatible with Apple's
           - completed another round of testing.
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — rebase updater patches.
            - posted a rebased #13252 patch for review.
            - made progress on other patches.
        - Provided some feedback for #31286 (Include bridge
configuration into about:preferences).
        - Participated in discussions r.e. grant proposal.
        - Helped with code reviews and some bug triage.
     This week/upcoming:
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — rebase updater patches.
            - finished initial rebasing of patches.
            - test the ESR68-based updater on all desktop platforms.
        - #29430: Use uTLS for meek TLS camouflage in Tor Browser.
        - #30126 (Make Tor Browser on macOS compatible with Apple's
        - Respond to Antonela's comments in #30237 (Onion Services
client auth prompt).

    Last week:
        Android 68ESR patches (#31010)
        aarch64 crash debugging (#31140)
        A little fiddling with gradle failure (#31293)
    This week:
        Android 68ESR patches (#31010)
        aarch64 crash debugging (#31140)

    Last week:
        - Review Android patches (#31010)
        - Address review comments for #30429
        - Fix about:tor assertion failure in esr68 linux debug builds
        - Review one updater patch in #30429
    This week:
        - Review more updater patches? (#30429)
        - Security slider translation deduplication (#24653).
        - style fixing pass for #30429
        - general testing for nightly, report issues+investigate if
there is time

     Last week:
        - worked in TB usage survey recap, will share this week
        - working in Network Settings (#31286)
        - kickoff S30 with the anti-censorship team (mostly bridges UX
in Tor Browser for this team)
    This week:
        - more on Network Settings (#31286)

  Last Week:
  - Investigated #31293 - gradle failure when probing interfaces.
Finally managed to reproduce. At time of query, no interface is not
available in the container. Grade 4.1 throws NPE as a result (this has
been fixed in gradle 4.10). I am unable to fix from gradle side. Could
find no commits in config files that may be causing this issue. Blocked.
  - #31388 - Rust - added config needed for armv7 builds
  - #31389 - Clang - commit for using clang built in tbb
  - Working on issue with JNI phase failing in Firefox build
  This Week
  - Continue working through Firefox android build issues


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