[tor-project] Notes from Vegas team meeting August 8th

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Wed Aug 14 12:12:00 UTC 2019

Erin Wyatt:
> + what do we do about chiwui (check.tpo)? (see notes below)
> - we are running an old system that we don’t want to support anymore;
>   last deadline to replace it was April 2019, backups have been down
>   since then, do we still want to keep the service running? Answer is
>   yes. Now a question of when - before end of the year is the goal and
>   Gaba will update the ticket with the new timeline.

I recently wondered how many people actually use the "Tor check" button
that we have on the homepage of Tor Browser in Tails (and that points to

The answer is at least 10% of Tails users, based on web analytics. I
thought it would be less.


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