[tor-project] Notes from Vegas team meeting August 8th

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Wed Aug 14 05:24:06 UTC 2019

Notes for August 8 2019 meeting:


+ what do we do about chiwui (check.tpo)? (see notes below)
	- we are running an old system that we don’t want to support anymore; last deadline to replace it was April 2019, backups have been down since then, do we still want to keep the service running? Answer is yes. Now a question of when - before end of the year is the goal and Gaba will update the ticket with the new timeline.

+ need help come up with a plan for email, unsure where to go next? last meeting notes were "bottomline is: check with riseup for next steps and investigate giving everyone ldap. talk with TPA about giving everyone LDAP access, since everyone has PGP keys”
	- relocating pad with discussion to pick up the issue again; tabled for now.

+ single point of failure when sysadmins go on vacation (general discussion)
	- phw: dcf created a "survival guide" for snowflake infrastructure, which allows non-maintainers to perform basic maintenance tasks. we've been trying to create such survival guides for other anti-censorship services: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/

+ Geko: It is looking unlikely that ESR network safety code review will be finished by 9/3. I have too many remaining network team responsibilities due this month.  Related: As I see it, my top priority is closing out Sponsor2 w/ network team this month.. I am saying no to/dropping other stuff as a result. Is this the right move?
	- gaba: yes; other discussion about moving some things around to get Sponsor2 work done.

+ Is there anything specific we want to discuss with mozilla folks at our monthly mozilla meeting next week? Ethan is collecting topics for the agenda until Friday. 	 - Anto will ping matt and arthur to ask about Microsoft question and migrating away from ESR both being on the agenda; will start collecting topics and send to mozilla.

+ follow-up from last week re: Drupal - I reach a friend and he asked where he could access our template and Drupal views. Do we have a staging env?
	- pili sent an email about dev environment for this, but I'm not sure about accessing template and views; waiting until hiro is back from vacation

+ I saw there were some highlights for me last week, but I have lost the backlog and forgot what they were. Does somebody remember what they were and would like to discuss them?
	- backlog sent



1.	what do we do about chiwui (check.tpo)? last deadline was april 2019, but that date passed and the machine wasn't upgraded. do we want to keep the service running? we don't want to maintain 3 different versions of Debian at once (oldoldstable, oldstable and stable). immediate impact: backups have been down since april and will not be restored. in https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29399 - irl stated "end of LTS" as an horizon to fix this (june 2020), that is one year from now. will that happen? is that an okay timeline?
2.	on vacation (totally offline) last week of august, will miss vegas
3.	did some backup / restore tests and built backup documentation, which was identified as a critical part missing from my brain for weasel-redundancy
4.	need help come up with a plan for email, unsure where to go next? last meeting notes were "bottomline is: check with riseup for next steps and investigate giving everyone ldap. talk with TPA about giving everyone LDAP access, since everyone has PGP keys" i'll keep going
5.	new Ganeti cluster being built to replace old machines: much progress made, ready to go in production! (mostly means we can replace our old stuff, and unfortunately not a lot of new capacity yet, but high hopes this will make our work easier in the future)

1.	afk for this meeting; setting up the booth for DEFCON
2.	Bug Smash campaign has raised over $6,000 so far

1.	AFK next week, will be on vacation. Sent personal mail or use if you need me; I will be filtering all mailing lists into an "after vacation" folder.
2.	Planned release date for 0.4.1.x stable is 20 August 2019; delayed till I'm back from vacation.

1.	Reached out to MASQUE IETF standardisation group about turning protocol into pluggable transport
2.	GetTor emergency maintenance
3.	Business as usual in sponsor 28 and 30

1. 	Have a larger pile of things to do in August than can get done; need to make some decisions about what is most important

1.	made/making grants meetings: IPv6, DRL, Metrics+SimplySecure
2.	Working with Nah on user research reporting for S9
3.	regular work with browsers and websites for s9, s27 and s30
4.	logistics for the OTF summit
5.	OONI transition meeting on Friday [arturo: what is this? should someone from OONI also attend? i don't think so - Anto]

1.	 Followed up on DRL implementers meeting.
2.	Sponsor 30 - follow up and triaging tickets.
3.	Roadmap for network and anti-censorship team in dip.tpo to test platform. Still working on migration plan for gitlab.
4.	Following on scalability next steps to look for funding.
5.	Data portal moving forward to get UX work help.
6.	Help grant writing for IPv6 proposal.
7.	Admin on Apple development: Pili and Arturo will take it.
8.	Talking with mayfirst about how/if they can take management of civicrm.

1.	Answering RT, doing some spam cleaning and checking about alternatives and future management
2.	Sponsor 9 work - starting to reach local partners
3.	Submitted and approved CCCamp about:freedom activities:
        a. Tor Relay Operator Meetup;
        b. Tor trainings in Global South - waiting until friday to share the activities publicly
5.	Onboarding Nah in UX/Community work

1.	out for this meeting for DEF CON

1.	Working on organizing all the tasks from DC training.
2.	Working on my tasks from DC training
    2.1 Working w/ Al on vision letter draft [deadline august 15]
    2.2 Creating Micro Strategy Flow for my funders/donors meetings in August and September
4.	Doing the final 3 feedback summary syncs

1.	Start of month so lots of triaging this week (Sponsor 30, website, UX tickets) and trac gardening
2.	Working on websites - updating sponsors and trying to close tickets
3.	Working on gitlab migration document
4.	Helping to organise documentation Hackathon at the start of September
5.	afk for some of this meeting as I'll be on another meeting with Guardian Project and Tails about a joint proposal
6.	Trying to push Orfox > TBA transition over the finish line
7.	Tying up any loose ends before going AFK next week

1.	Attended the CitizenLab Summer Institute in Toronto and it went very well
2. 	Working on wrapping up OONI Explorer
3. 	Working on OONI Probe desktop app
4. 	Fast path for data processing pipeline is coming together

1.	New format for Vegas notes - input welcome
2.	Misc. HR stuff

1.	Started using Apache Ivy for external dependency management

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