[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 5 August 2019

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Aug 5 21:04:00 UTC 2019


Our weekly Tor Browser meeting finished a couple of hours ago. Here
comes the usual link to our IRC log:


And the notes from the pads are below:

Week of August 5, 2019


    - OTF Browser Proposal: "Bringing Tor Browser into the mainstream"

    - https://pad.riseup.net/p/otf-tb-2019-2020

    - brainstorm for esr migration work & its effort
https://pad.riseup.net/p/otf-tb-esr-migration-brainstorm follow up
meeting august 19 19:30 UTC

      - next browser meeting?

 - FYI: the e10s pref has died in 68, you need to use an env var now:
 - Landed a HiDPI patch for pdfs in -central. Can anyone with hardware
double check it works and I'll request backport? (pospeselr: tjr is
there a linux build available with the patch applied? If not I can spin
up a build locally but will take longer ;) )  (tjr:
) (pospeselr: looks good to me:
https://share.riseup.net/#fb7XRE1cWIfh-Xns08EDGQ latest stable on the
left, alpha build on the right) (\o/)

     - For future reference:
            a) From the bug, look for a comment with a mozilla-central
link like https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/85385b4957e3
            b) From there, there are lines containing 'first release
with' and 'first release without'
            c) The 'files' link on that will take you to the Nightly
build directory
     - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1537955


    Last Week:

    - fixed #31251 (security level ux polish)

    - reviewed #18101 :( (proxy bypass in windows file dialogs)

    - submitted patch to mingw folks to add FOS_SUPPORTSTREAMABLEITEMS
to their shobjidl.h (this got pushed to master on Thursday, though turns
out it doesn't fix #18101 oh well)

    - began work on #31286 (network settings in about:preferences)

    This Week:

    - continue on #31286

    - begin prep for sept browser workshop trip

boklm (afk during meeting):
    Last week:
        - helped with building/publish 9.0a5 android release
        - Reviewed/improved esr 68 linux changes: latest version is in
    This week:
        - Will be mostly afk during this week (still reading emails in
case there is something important)

    Last week:
        Release 9.0a5 prep and testing
        Published Android release, 9.0a5
        Rebasing and testing 68esr Android patches
        Began troubleshooting #31140 a little (crash on aarch64)
    This week:
        More debugging on #31140 - this seems like it is affecting many
        More work on 68esr patches

    Last week:
        - Meeting to divide up browser tasks
        - S27 Reporting (work completion and monthly report)
        - Helping with OTF Browser proposal
        - Tried to do some triage but failed - what's the best way to
get a second opinion on a ticket without interrupting and forcing a
context switch?
    This week:
        - Sponsor 44 admin
        - OTF Browser proposal
        - Started Sponsor 30 triage - marking things as sponsor30-can
for now mainly, when I'm done I would like to review with the team to
make sure they make sense under sponsor

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - #30126 (Make Tor Browser on macOS compatible with Apple's
           - completed several rounds of testing.
        - #29197 (Remove use of overlays from Tor Launcher).
           - patch was submitted; reviewed by acat (thanks!)
        - #31300 (Modify Tor Launcher so it is compatible with ESR68).
           - patch and revisions were submitted; reviewed by acat (thanks!)
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — rebase updater patches.
        - Participate in the “Georg tasks” transition effort.
     This week/upcoming:
        - #30429 (ESR 68 Rebase) — rebase updater patches.
        - Respond to Antonela's comments in #30237 (Onion Services
client auth prompt).

    Last week:
        - Pushed revised esr68 branch (#30429)
        - Reviewed #31300
        - Reviewed #29197
        - Reviewed some android patches (#31010)
        - Landed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1561322
    This week:
        (recovering from a stomach flu, hopefully should be 100% from
tomorrow on, but let's see)
        - Finish reviewing Android patches (#31010) [sysrqb: i'm working
on rebasing these commits on top of your recent branch]
        - Address possible review comments for #30429, and do one big
style-fixing pass (eslint, clang-format).
        - Fix about:tor assertion failure in esr68 linux debug builds
        - Backlog: upstreaming patches

   Last week:
        - we ran a Tor Browser Usage survey during the dev meeting.
   This week:
        - Sharing Tor Browser Usage survey results.
        - Working with TB Network Settings

    Last week:
        - dealt with backlog
        - spent some time on HackerOne bugs
        - tried to fix #30126 (prerequisites for macOS notarization) but
there is still stuff left to do :(
        - reviews for esr68 nightlies: #30429, #10671, linux toolchain
patches (#30736, #30376 etc.)
        - distracted by CCC camp submission
        - moved browser workshop participation in September forward
        - helped with 9.0a5
    This week:
        - moar reviews
        - getting esr68 linux nightlies going (tentatively on Wed)
        - some begin of the month team admin stuff
        - hopefully fixing the macOS pre-notarization woes (#30126)

  Last Week:
  - Orbot project made a lot of commits over the last week. Went through
July/Aug commit and made updates to tor-android-service (branch 0801a)
  - Changes also include updates to include x86_64 and armv8 support for
new version of tor browser.
  - Prepared (will submit shortly, needs a little more testing) PR to
Orbot. These includes changes to keep project in sync
  - Updated tor-browser-build for new commit of tor-android-service
  This Week
  - Create gradle flavors to further isolate Orbot VPN code from the
code we need (this deals with some firing of intents we don’t need for
VPN). This will mean we shouldn’t require any patches in the future.
  - Start applying previous esr60 patches to esr68


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