[tor-project] Notes from April 18 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sat Apr 20 09:58:14 UTC 2019

Notes for Apr 18 2019 meeting:

1) afk on a short break; back on Tuesday.

1) new plan for tor-security schleuder list? [delayed until nickm and
geko are around]
2) sysadmin team, what is the 'chain of command' from vegas team to
them? or maybe rather, who should be representing them here? similar
question for anti-censorship team. Suggested plan is that Gaba will talk
to phw, and Isa will talk to Anarcat, to help them know how they can
raise issues as needed.
3) sue: did the pets invoice get paid? (yes)
4) sarah: moritz was having a heck of a time finding
https://donate.torproject.org/cryptocurrency from
https://donate.torproject.org/. We might want to streamline that path.
[Yes, thanks for pointing that out. We are working on a better path. -

1) Grants team is responding to questions from DRL about approved
anti-censorship project.
2) Evaluations.
3) Working on plan for inviting past donors to become monthly donors.
4) Finishing up first Sponsors Newsletter and will create a version for
major donors.
5) Strategizing grant proposals for the next few months.
6) Working with Giant Rabbit on several projects to improve the donate
7) Working with PayPal about suspected blocking of exit relay IP addresses.

1) Lots of progress and work on OONI Explorer:
2) Almost done with setting up a system to share OONI pipeline metadb
with third parties: https://github.com/ooni/sysadmin/issues/272
3) The OONI monthly report is out, check it:
4) Next week Maria is going to be in Nigeria presenting OONI at the
Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF): https://drif.paradigmhq.org/

1) grants team - strategy planning and DRL questions.
2) feedbacks
3) ooni monthly meeting
4) capacity planning and time allocation
5) google season of docs follow up while pili is on leave
6) anti-censorship: talking with kat what to do for reports (if it makes
sense 3rd report or expand the 2nd)
7) sponsor 27 (onion services) planning
8) follow up on tor scalability
9) working on nextcloud to test it

1) Coordinating NYC fundraiser
2) def con arrangements
3) Have agreed to be a spokesperson available for the Internet Health
Report launching next week
4) Campaigning for Ola
5) Working on internal doc and website page around dark web myths
6) meeting with Brooklyn Public Library on Monday

1) Discussed possible visualizations of worst-case performance (#29772).
2) Worked on getting bandwidth files into Tor Metrics (#21378).

1) General accounting processes

1) 100% focused on LFI, which starts next month

1) writing self-feedback
2) organizing a batch of invites for people (at least 8 cuz we got 8
nos) on waiting list to be invited to the dev meeting
3) following developments of Ola's case and supporting whenever Tor can
4) working on grants for general ops, reviewing letter to sponsors,
helping with planing the next batch of proposals opportunities

1) Triaging/wrapping up Sponsor2 things for 041
2) Working on tor-scalability experiment list + needed metrics for April
26th meeting

1) last phase of screening for OONI dev
2) self-feedback is due tomorrow (Friday, 19-April)
3) general HR stuff

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