[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 8 April

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Apr 8 19:30:00 UTC 2019

Hi everyone!

Our weekly meeting just finished. The log can be found at


and the entries from our pad are in full copy below:

    -8.5a11? (GeKo: we aim for this week)
    -next meeting? (GeKo: next week won't work well for a  bunch of us
and the Monday thereafter is public holiday in some countries, so we aim
for 4/23 same time, same place)
    - #29837 Include Tor Browser data from Google Play (GeKo: We'll
think about that after we are done with TB 8.5)

tjr (may miss)
 - Did a bunch of letterboxing work, and think I have an idea of what
sets of window sizes we should pursue.
 - Will present it at the monthly meeting tomorrow, but have written up
my notes and they are in that minutes doc
 - Sent an email link to it last week; ask me on irc (or gk, or Richard)
for it.

    Last week:
        - worked on localization tickets for mobile: #30016 and #30069
        - tried to come up with a good theory about why our previous
attempts on addressing the accessibility bug on Windows (#27503) failed
        - reviews: #22538 (acat's first bug!1!), #29768 (started
reviewing #29328; sysrqb: if you have any ideas about my last comment,
please add them)
        - wrote smaller patches: README update for x86 android target
(#29980), no need for libgtk2.0 headers for WebRTC build (#30038)
        - i dug down the media container rabbit hole for #29859 and am
sufficiently sure our workaround does not make matters worse
        - looked over tjr's proposals and added them to the
tor-browser-spec repo
        - followed up on the potential proxy bypass outlined in #29916
but did not get a reply yet
        - sponsor27 prep
        - begin of the month team admin updates
        - review help with my tickets (thanks mcs and brade for already
picking up some tickets) (GeKo: That got sorted out, boklm is picking up
#30016 and sysrqb #28622, #29843, #29859, and that's it for now)
    This week:
        - finish #30069 and more work on removing no longer necessary
Orfox patches
        - more tbb-8.5(-must) work and help where needed
        - hopefully substantial reviews for #28329 and #27609 (and
friends) so that we can start building 8.5a11
        - release prep and building 8.5a11

  Last week:
   - Investigated tor loading issue with latest version of loader from
tor-android-binary. On some devices tor isn’t being found (OS5/note3,
OS7/motog6). Working on Samsung s10 and emulator.
   - Opened and fixed 6 new issues on TOPL project. Mostly dealt with
making TOPL more configurable (needed to customize tor installation)
   - Significantly improved startup time of Tor/TOPL by reimplementing
   - tor-android-service: Created custom installer based on what I
learned in investigating loading issues. By following library naming
conventions, we can force installing of tor/PT libraries.
   - worked on integrating changes into tor-browser-build. Cleaned up
build by using ndk filters in gradle, rather than adding/removing
libraries with zip utility.
  This Week:
   - Get latest code building/working in Firefox project.
   - Check in code that is in sync from March 16th. Then update to
latest tor-browser-build master.

    Last week:
        - Some reviews (#29980, #29966, #30038)
        - Made patch for #30039 (Add the target_append and
target_prepend input_files options in rbm)
        - Started a patch for #29981 (Add option to build without using
containers), and tried to get matching android builds with and without
containers. It seems possible if we solve the stalling jarsigner issue.
        - Went to IFF
    This week:
        - Finish fixing #27137 and disable all currently failing tests
        - Make some patch for #26907 (Guard against failures during MAR
file generation)
        - Work on #30089 (Use apksigner instead of jarsigner) and #29981
(Add option to build without using containers)
        - Help building 8.5a11
        - Review #30016 (Include onboarding/start-up translations in
localized builds)

    Last week:
        Worked on crash-fix for Kitkat (#29906)
        Worked on crash-fix when selecting the bootstrap settings button
        Worked more on TBA bootstrap UI (#28329)
          - Waiting on update from animation designer
        Worked on fastlane integration (#26844)
        Responded to comments on F-Droid package submission (#27539)
    This week:
        More of the above
        release prep(?)
        Review TOPL+orbotservice branches
        Review #28622, #29843, #29859 (maybe #30069)

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Made progress on #29768 (Introduce new features to users in
Tor Browser).
        - Worked on travel plans for the Stockholm meeting.
    This week:
        - Monitor #29768 (Introduce new features to users in Tor Browser).
        - Help with code reviews for tbb-8.5-must tickets.
        - #29045 (ask tor to leave dormant mode)
        - Start on #30000 (Integrating client-side authorization to
onion services v3)
        - Tor employee/team feedback process.
        - We will be out of the office April 17-22 (taking some time off
around Easter).

    Last week:
        - At IFF
        - S27 ticket organisation
    This week:
        - Start putting together Google Season of Docs application
        - S27 Planning meeting
        - S27 Preliminary roadmap
        - Tor Browser release meeting this week

    Last week:
        - #27503 (windows screen reader investigation)
        - Nextcloud prep
        - travel planning
    This week:
        - #27503

    Last week:
        - Setting up stuff, paperwork, travel planning
        - #22538
    This week:
        - #24622

  Last week:
        - IFF
        - Reviewed #29768
  This week:
         - Firefox Monthly meeting - I'll demo the new security
settings, pospeselr could you catch any technical question could raise
there?  (GeKo: We'll have this covered either pospeselr or I, no worries
:) )
         - OTF Onions, setting up ux work
         - #28329


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