[tor-project] Notes from April 4 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Apr 5 13:38:50 UTC 2019

Notes for April 4 2019 meeting:

1) network team:
1.1) Updated roadmaps with s27 (onion services) and s19 stuff.  And
reorganize some people's allocation of time.
2) anti-censorship team:
2.1) Onboarding for Philip this week with Alex and Cecylia
2.2) New roadmap for anti-censorship team.
3) metrics:
3.1) Sent last report for s13 (data collection improvements) to OTF
4) ooni:
4.1) Almost the whole team is at IFF.
5) other:
5.1) Follow on scalability drafts from Mike. [GeKo: Where are those
drafts? Is it possible to have a look at them? Gaba: Mike will send them
to the mailing list soon GeKo: Ah, okay. Looking much forward to that,
5.2) Sent request for approval and booked flight to STO.

1) Working on scalability strategy mail for tor-scaling
2) Working on vanguards bugs
3) Still dealing with misc bureaucratic issues due to stolen wallet

1) Had technical difficulties with Monero wallet that are now resolved
and have raised ~$4K from that cryptocurrency so far.
2) Prepping for grants meeting next Monday to plot out next few months
and combine work into bigger projects.
3) Sending our first Sponsors Newsletter to grant officers so that they
can better understand the bigger picture.
4) Al submitted a proposal to the Indela Fund for LFI.
5) Various administrative tasks to complete state registrations.

1) Busy with 8.5 stabilization

1) Started this week: phw and new browser dev, acat
2) Moving forward with OONI dev recruiting next week (after IFF)
3) General HR stuff

1) Got to finish reviews, and get ready for a Tufts "Student Symposium
in Cybersecurity Policy" tomorrow and maybe staying for Saturday.
2) network team is quite overloaded with 040, CI, tech debt, code
review, and funded stuff. Please don't divert network team personnel
without careful consideration.  When one team member is diverted, their
distraction increases the workload and pressure on everybody else.

1) Super busy with LFI
2) Most of the team is at IFF
3) Thinking about new funding ideas for LFP
4) Gave some talks last week -- Western Colorado University and Temple Law
5) Prepping for RightsCon
6) Have not had any time to work on feedback yet but hoping to get to it

1) We were accepted as a vendor at def con. Coordinating us having a
badge with the help of Anto, ahf, and a volunteer we met last year
2) Preparing for onion services campaign
3) Coordinating talk for swiss unis
4) Reviewed copy for new tb features

1) At IFF
2) Spoke to EFF, Guardian Project and Tails about Google Season of Docs
and we'll move forward with a joint submission
3) S27 bug triage and initial roadmapping
4) Booked dev meeting travel
5) Website triage
6) Getting lots of nice feedback and comments from people at IFF

1) Had the board meeting last friday
2) reviewed sponsor8 final report (submitted)
3) reviewed Indela proposal (submitted)
4) reviewing another general grant proposal and final report for metrics
5) met w/ sue and jon to sync on dev meeting prep work

1) Miscellaneous tiny things, including planning travels, writing
feedback, commenting on various tickets, responding to volunteers, and
so on.

1) Short Period 990 sent to Board for Review
2) Sida Attestation Audit Report sent to Board for Review
3) Uploaded Audit report to Federal Clearning House
4) General Accounting processes (invoicing, disbursements, reconciliations)

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