[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 32 March

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Apr 1 18:58:00 UTC 2019


Our weekly meeting just finished and here come the meeting notes, both
the IRC log


and the contents from our pad:

Week of March 32, 2019
    -reload a page automatically once we receive a .onion alt-svc?
(GeKo: sysrqb will talk more about that to Cloudflare folks and then
open a ticket with the particular ask/bug)

    Last week:
        filed some tpo website bugs
        rebased patch for #29319
        #27503 (windows screen-reader) work
    This week:

    Last week:
        - reviews for #29872, #29868, #27484, #29971, #25623, #29825,
and #29950
        - wrote patches for #29916 (Group policies can bypass proxy
settings), #29859 (playing Twitter videos freezes browser), #29903 (no
WebGL click-to-play on standard security level), #29943 (move our AB_CD
locales to AB-CD), and #29973 (clean-up Torbutton patch for security
settings redesign)
        - rebased my patch for #29307 (Debian Jessie -> Stretch for Windows)
    This week:
        - release preparations for new alpha
        - begin-of-the-month team updates
        - reviews, reviews, reviews
        - work on better locale support for  mobile (#26782)
        - work on tbb-8.5* tickets as needed

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Reviewed patch for #29825 (Intelligently insert the Security
Level button)
        - Finished #27484 (Onboarding: unintuitive not-navigation buttons).
        - Made progress on #29768 (Introduce new features to users in
Tor Browser).
        - Attended Onion Services kickoff meeting.
        - Tor employee/team feedback process.
    This week:
        - More work on #29768 (Introduce new features to users in Tor

    Last week:
        - Updated patch for #25623 (Disable network during build)
        - Made patches for:
            - #29868: tor-browser-build fails in
container-image-windows-i686 attempting to install package python-future
            - #29949: Update processes/ReleaseProcess for new website
            - #29971: obfs4 fails to build in nightly builds
            - #29950: Error when using runc dev version
        - Worked on #27137 (fixing the navigation-timing test)
    This week:
        - Finish fixing #27137 and disable all currently failing tests
        - Review patch for #29966 (Building container images fails
because Wheezy moved to archive.debian.org)
        - Make some patch for #26907 (Guard against failures during MAR
file generation)
        - help with release build
        - will spend some time at IFF

  Last week:
    -  Read TorControlPort from file: (thaliproject#92) -cleaned up the
startup code that relied on reading the log streams to know when tor has
started: faster/more reliable startup. Fixed issue of not running in
daemon mode.
    - Fixed problem with control port auto setup (thaliproject#89)
    - Opened a couple of issue at tor-android(#13,#14) - we need a
resolver to determine tor executable location prior to setup
    - #27609 - integrated TOPL into tor-android-service
(tor-android-service#16) - uses latest api for bridge configuration
    - Fixed merge conflicts in tor-browser-build orbot project
    - Verified PT/tor placed correctly in tor-browser app
    - Lots of debugging as to why tor-browser does not extract tor
native libs to non-writable location,
  This Week:
   - Tor Browser does not install tor native libs (but does install
Firefox ones). Everything looks good inside apk packaging [Needs more
investigation - limited for now]
   - Create a resolver and submit PR for tor-android. This should get us
around the problem above for now and allows us to launch tor from native
libraries in writable location.
   - Working browser app

  Summary: Integrated TOPL/tor-android-service. Need one change for
latest tor-android library to integrate TOPL. Tor-browser-build working
correctly. Native unpacking not working as expected.

    Last week:
        #29859 - Video on twitter
        #27539 - Move forward on deploying on F-Droid
        #29906 - Looking into crash on Kitkat
        Discussion about supporting localization (resulting in #29942
and moving us one step closer to using fastlane)
        Triaged some tbb-mobile tickets, tagging some with ux-team keyword
        #29238 - Pushed branch for preventing crash on upgrade
        #29955 - Opened ticket for deciding how we deprecate Orfox and
migrate users
    This week:
        Push new branch for #28329
        Finish some of the smaller bugs (#29238, etc)
        Follow up on F-Droid deployment (there are comments from F-Droid

    Last week:
        S27 Kick off
        S8 Final report was submitted \o/
        Tor Browser Release meeting
    This week:
        S27 Triage
        Still trying to find time to plan/run a capacity calculation
meeting :(

  Last week:
        - #29768 - Introducing new features - maybe done?
        - Security Setting Tor Browser manual update - Done
        - #28622 - TBA icon - Done
        - Made TBA localization meeting
    This week:
    - IFF

 - Been getting a lot of programming done on letterboxing bucet
selection, but too early to show.


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