[tor-project] UX Team Report - August 2018

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Tue Sep 18 15:59:00 UTC 2018

Antonela Debiasi:
> Hi sajolida!


>> Why not use the onion icon from the Tor style guide?
>> https://styleguide.torproject.org/static/images/color.svg
> I worked on some versions using the current onion. You can read more
> here https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25693

This ticket is quite long and hard for me to navigate but I see that
you're mentioning in several places to discuss the different uses of the
onion icon in Mexico. Happy to join the discussion if you want!

>> Or are you working on a new version of the onion that's meant to be
>> used everywhere in the future?
> There is not one onion icon that is used for all the things right now.
> You have onions talking about the tor network, about onion services,
> about the non-profit. I hope we can achieve a coherent set of visual
> identifiers for all those. We are working upon towards that.


>> This pages asks me for a login. Do you have a login to share with
>> people who want to looks at your prototype without registering to Marvel?
> Could you try with this one? https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9

This works, thanks!

The sitemap is hard to visualize in Tor Browser but the other pages work
fine. It looks great!

>> What are your plans to share the output of these interviews with the
>> wider community?
> We are trying to unify the archive of the research we are doing at the
> mentioned ticket.

I saw this now :)

> For usability testing rounds, I don't think we will transcript all the
> interviews we did we users. We have voice recording, tho. We are working
> on summarize outputs of those research forĀ  Mexico and share it with the
> Applications Team.

When you said "interviewing" I thought you were going to do in-depth
interviews. But indeed, seeing your methodology, the kind of aggregated
summaries that you are posting (#27742, #27743) makes more sense.


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