[tor-project] Notes from September 13 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Sep 14 06:30:49 UTC 2018

Notes for September 13 2018 meeting:

1) Stable releases came out this week; aiming for an next
2) We have a significant backlog of stuff to review because of our focus
on sponsored deliverables for 0.3.5 feature-freeze deadline.  We should
evaluate how well that worked.
3) Reminder: (No discussion needed). Various people promised that around
now, they would be trying out our mobile API stuff. We need your
feedback right away if it is going to be useful.

1) We got all pieces for the mobile release sorted out; good feedback
2) Planned bugfix release for next week (8.0.1 and 8.5a2)

1) rewriting a post to gather Tor stories. Will create an accompanying
2) had a call with a researcher about self regulation in anonymous
spaces. Was very receptive to learning more about Tor and positive uses
3) responded to press inquiries about tba and noscript bug
4) sharing info about Toronto Library’s awesome program piloting Tor
Browser in its Learning Centers + Roger’s panel there Sept 22
5) posting localized tweets Emma helped pull through
6) coordinated podcasts for ahf and isa

1) hosting lots of people in Seattle this week: meeting with auditors,
figuring out how to do Mexico City without Isabela; organizing grants,
figuring out timesheet allocations, pizza party; good week!
2) getting close to transferring ED responsibilities to Isabela; worked
out a tentative plan
3) reviewing things for audit
4) must do a budget adjustment for Sida; I will get that done by next
week at the latest
5) offer out for new grant writer; meeting person later today
6) nickm: Sue wants to know if you've set new accounting people up in
SVN (I have; I activated the passwords for both of them, and sent them
email. I heard back from Bekeela and Millicent. I have not confirmed
that they successfully logged on, though. -Nick)
7) talked with Dragana at Localization Lab and discussed ways to better
support each other's work

1) Released Onionoo protocol version 7.0.
2) Created a survey to get input on our next 6-month roadmap, but did
not publish it just yet.
3) Finished the review of the ExoneraTor patch that is going to make
Everything So Much Better.

1) Was in Seattle plotting out current and future grants.
2) Beginning to dig into YE campaign planning.

1) synced with roger, erin, shari, sarah, bekeela, millincent, sue on
currents grants, performance review, diversity plan, new grants
applications, Mexico Meeting, auditors etc.
2) getting docs for sue for auditors
3) getting SOI for drl deadline tomorrow!
4) organizing all the tasks we came up with from our discussions in seattle
5) going to Madrid next week to meet PMs Pili and Gaba so I can onboard
them before Mexico
6) getting answers to journalists that are reaching out to steph
7) me and shari met with dragana about tor project and localization lab

1) Finishing up 0.3.5 stuff

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