[tor-project] Notes from September 6 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Sep 7 12:41:00 UTC 2018

Notes for September 6 2018 meeting:

1) I'm supposed to be doing the volunteer valuations again. I need to
know how many donated hosts we have.
2) I need a group created for distributing SBWS code.  See question on
3) 9 days left till 0.3.5 feature freeze.  0.3.5 will be an LTS release.
4) Some sponsor8 items will likely be left over and go into 0.3.6.  If
there are mobility-API requests, we need to know ASAP, as planned.
5) 0.3.4-stable is delayed while we chase various stability bugs; most
only affect testing networks, but we want to be absolutely sure.
6) Georg: did you make that ticket to remember about OSS-Fuzz? (Georg:
Yes, #27462) (Cool; thanks! -Nick)

1) Working on Audit - auditors are in next week.  I am in Seattle next week.
2) New Hires start next week - both Bookkeeper and Grants Manager

1) Tor Browser 8 is out. \o/ It's been the most complicated release so
far and as it stands we are doing not that bad. The plan is to collect
issues, address the most pressing ones this week and next week and then
get a 8.0.1 out (including the Tor News link).
2) Tor Browser for Mobile is live on Google Play \o/ We are in the
process of doing the website update and offering the .apk on our own
website. (Arturo: What is the plan regarding removing/dropping OrFox
from the market? OrFox is labeled as "Orfox: Tor Browser for Android",
while the other is "Tor Browser for Android (Alpha)". I can imagine this
creating some confusion for users). (GeKo: We have #27399 so far, the
details are tbd, though. Arturo: thanks.)

1) Community team and meeting planners are doing lots of Mexico City
things like organizing the agenda, wiki, safety info (earthquakes!),
open days planning, and so on. The blog post about the open days should
be going out today or tomorrow or soon!
2) Library Freedom Institute is still the bulk of what I'm working on.
This week we're writing up some documentation about talking to
legislators about privacy and doing FOIA/public records requests in
libraries. I'm also writing up the remainder of the curriculum for the
year and also finished a press release about our new funding.
3) I met with Maggie, our new Moz Fellow, to get her onboarded with user
advocate tasks. She will attend the next  applications team and UX team
meetings to introduce herself and get feedback about working
collaboratively with these teams.
4) Tracking down the remaining updates that need to happen for the TB8
manual. It looks like the changes just need to be pushed from alpha to
main, and some of the languages do not have up to date screenshots? GeKo
is this right? (GeKo: My gut feeling says, "yes", but I have not looked
at the actual work that got done)

1) Rebased and tested an ExoneraTor patch from 2 years ago that has the
potential of reducing database size from 270 GB to under 80 GB and query
response times to a few seconds regardless of query parameters.
2) Prepared the Onionoo 7.0 release which is going to come out next week.

1) Catching up with backlog after 2 week vacation
2) Leonid gave two presentation in Russia about "Russia disconnecting
itself from the internet": Chaos Constructions
(https://chaosconstructions.ru/), on 25th August 2018. Slides:
https://slides.ooni.io/2018/cc/ (note slides are in Russian) &
Geek-Picnic (https://geek-picnic.me/saint-petersburg), on 18th August 2018
3) Made considerable progress on OONI Explorer measurement pages:
4) Made several improvements to the monitoring of OONI services and
documented the next steps for that:
5) Updated the JO test list:
https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/388 & NG test list:
6) Determining the next steps for the revamp of the OONI Probe mobile
apps now that our usability study has wrapped up (we have completed the
interviews and analyzed the information submitted via surveys)

1) Dealing with the 'no isa in mexico' situation
2) helping teams with the tb8 release and tba alpha \o/ so happy they
are out this week
3) working on reports
4) syncs with DRL
5) working on onboarding and preparing for Seattle next week
6) need to get the job post for anti-censorship team out and review the
situation about selecting sysadmin candidates

1) DRL rejected both of our proposals (modularization and Tor browser
updates). Gonna try to get a new SOI done by September 14 for the browser.
2) Interviewing grant writers this week. Hope to find one soon!
3) Everyone's coming to town next week. (Okay, not everyone, but lots of
people.) Going to talk about grants management and audit. Onboarding a
couple of new people.
4) Working with The Berkeley Group. Going back and forth on their MOU.
5) Catching up on lots of things after being out of the office for
nearly two weeks.  (Norway is gorgeous. Highly recommended!)

1) Grants - interviewing grant writers and researching new private
foundation funding in addition to updating info in GrantHub.
2) Updating Tor's listing on GuideStar.
3) Working with state registration consultant.
4) Writing to some donors we haven't heard from in a while and who don't
receive the newsletter to tell them about the new releases.

1) tb8: sent press release to several journos, going heavy on social.
emma is helping getting some tweets translated
2) open days post coming shortly. thanks to antonela for translating!
3) newsletter going out later today
4) trying to figure out if bitpay is still our best option for accepting

0) snap conference? snap for tor?
1) Have been spending the past week on the proposal; will spend the next
week on it too. With a little distraction going to Seattle next
2) fake tor browsers on amazon; we passed the links to atagar and to jon
and they're hopefully dealing.

1) Development; development; development

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