[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 4 Sep 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Sep 4 19:15:00 UTC 2018

Hi all!

Our weekly Tor Browser meeting just finished. The IRC meeting log can be
found at


and the items on our pad are listed below:

Tuesday September 4, 2018
    - which sessions do we want at the team meeting day? [GeKo: at least
one meeting for the final roadmap and a UX/Tor Browser sync; we'll use
two more slots with topics to be done]

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Code reviews.
    - #26048 (potentially confusing "restart to update" message in ESR60).
    - #26049 (consider reducing the delay before the update prompt is
    - #27214 (Update descriptions for onboarding).
    - #27301 (TB8.0a10 about:tor UI Bugs).
    - #27348 (Tor Browser 8 onboarding UI bugs).
    - #27403 (The onboarding bubble does not show up).
    - Helped hiro with debugging Moat in Tor Launcher.
  This week or soon:
    - Note: Kathy and Mark will be out of the office this Thursday and
Friday (September 6 and 7).
    - Use staged MAR files to test Tor Browser 7.5.6 to 8.0 updates.
    - Complete month-end administrative tasks.
    - Follow up on remaining updater and onboarding issues for Tor
Browser 8.x.
    - Review our notes from #22074 (undocumented bugs since FF52esr) and
file additional tickets if necessary.
    - Do some testing for #26251 (Adapt macOS snowflake compilation to
new toolchain).

  Last week:
   - Worked on #26520 and #27401 (security slider/noscript problems)
   - Worked on #27403 (The onboarding bubble does not show up in the
release candidate)
   - Wrote patch for #26561 (onion images not displayed)
   - Wrote patch for #26670 (make canvas permission respect fpi)
   - Worked on alternative patch for #27097 (Add "Tor News" signup
newsletter link)
  This week:
   - #27097 Newsletter banner
   - #27290 WebGL is broken in Tor Browser 8
   - #27413 (Implement better communication between NoScript and Tor
   - uplifting FPI permissions patch
   - more anti-fingerprinting work
   - pref cleanup: (#27268)
   - #25555 (Optimistic SOCKS)

  Last Week:
     Split commits for Android RBM Build: #27441 #26696  #26697 #27440
#27439 #27443
     Worked on #27438 - android artifacts downloading outside of RBM.
Created rust program for downloading and verifying android artifacts
   This week:
      Work related to #27438
        - import of gpg keys into keystore and command line interface
for library-
        - push source code
       Reviews of commits

    Last Week:
        - Finish the about:tor (#27111)
        - Updating the mobile code to support the new padlock (#26690)
        - Tested TBA in different devices(mobile and table)
    This week:
        - Finish #26690
        - Start the development of the circuit display for android(UI side)

    Last week:
        - helped build the new releases
        - made patches related to watershed update (#26570, #26411,
#27182, #27183)
        - started looking at #27408 (Make it possible to find which
tor-browser-build.git commit was used to build a nightly)
        - worked on #26149 (Add some ansible roles for tor browser
testsuite setup), which is almost done
    This week:
        - help with getting the releases published
        - try to finally get the testsuite running on nightly builds
        - start reviewing some of the android tor-browser-build patches
        - will be afk this Thursday, until Friday morning next week

    Last week:
        -Tails summit
        -release preparations
        -finished network code audit; I think we are good but the rust
part was painful; might be worth having a second opinion about it
    This week:
        -help with getting releases out
        -deal with release fallout
        -create a new gpg subkey
        -writing up my network review notes on the trac ticket and
finally close it
        -begin-of-the-month admin stuff
        -sysrqb/igt0/sisbell: should we meet after this meeting to
discuss tba stuff? (provide anto is around, too) [GeKo: we decided to
create a pad for the possible topics to talk about and postpone the
meeting after the first alpha is finally out]

        Last week:
            - #26381 investigations (about:tor page does not load on
first start on Windows)
            - implemented an improved trace logger
        This week:
            - #26381 investigations

                Bob Owen got back to me in the filed bug on Firefox
Bugzilla (#1485836)

    Confirms that the cause (though not the root cause) seems to be
content processes spinning up before the sandboxing policies have been
set up properly

    So the question is what's causing the content processes to launch
sooner in the failing case? (about:tor?)

    Last week:
        Nearly released the first TBA alpha, after two attempts
        Investigated why the APK was built with debugging enabled
        Began investigating backporting the necessary patches for using
Android SDK API version 26
    This week:
        Finish backporting patches for API 26
        Release first TBA alpha


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