[tor-project] Notes from October 25 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Oct 26 10:36:06 UTC 2018

Notes for October 25 2018 meeting:

1) Launched YE campaign on Tuesday. So far we've raised $9,000 and
brought in over 100 first-time donors. We've also had 9 new people sign
up to be monthly donors. This is closely tracking the early results from
2) Responding to a lot of email resulting from the campaign.
3) Al moving ahead on anti-censorship grant proposal, family foundation
letter, and modularization proposal.

1) Going places and meeting up with people over next couple of weeks:
New England Systems Verification Day (tomorrow). Let me know if there's
any contacts or connections I should try to make.

1) Tor Visual Identity Brainstorm research
2) Started thinking about reporting User Testing - content and format
3) Working on better Roadmap visualization, starting with Browser Team
Roadmap (mainly for myself for now)
4) Public Holiday and PTO next week (Thurs 1st and Fri 2nd November)

1) Worked on updating metrics-web's ipv6servers module to cover existing
statistics on relays by flags/versions/platforms as well as new
statistics for relays by consensus weight and bridges by
flags/versions/platforms. Still very much work in progress.
2) Deployed changes to streamlined percentile computation using Apache
Commons Math and a bugfix related to 0-vs.-null in OnionPerf performance

1) Got releases out (desktop stable and alpha) with the fundraising
banner, work is ongoing for a donation banner for Tor Browser for
Android as well
2) Reached out to potential external contractor to fix Windows
accessibility bug (aka
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27503) (Shari: I am fine
with the invoice approach. It was addressed to me, so should I sign it?
Or should we get that changed to, say, you and you sign it once they got
the things corrected I mentioned?)

1) Finally back in the office after a month of traveling!
2) Ready to get involved with various funding proposals due soon. (See
Sarah's summary.) However I can be most helpful.
3) Edited end-of-year appeal letter. Ready to get more involved however
that is most helpful.
4) Reviewing newer sysadmin resumes.
5) Setting up call to talk about Protasia and whether Tor Project should
get involved with their publicity stuff.
6) Met with Isabela in New York. On schedule for official handoff the
week of November 12.
7) Spoke at Yale Law School last week.
8) Gotta do some expense reports!

1) helped launch EOY campaign. changed all social media profiles,
created thank you card, lots of social sharing, etc
2) submitted request for a stand at FOSDEM
3) preparing LibrePlanet submission
4) putting together copy on Tor’s history for the website
5) working with The Berkeley Group on our brand perception study

1) Working on Sponsor2 things
2) Nothing for the group

1) Met with shari in NYC
2) went to DRL Implementers meeting
3) working on DRL report
4) reviewing proposals and trying to help with the drl one due in nov
5) plan on organizing 1:1s with vegas leads that I dont have 1:1 yet
6) getting myself onboard on Tor's financial world :)

1) EOY campaign is done \o/
2) preparing email to invite people to join the Tor Browser Icon's pool
3) reviewed research.tpo.org
4) met with Pili and Helen to optimize user research reporting
5) working on TB Security Settings
6) working on tpo.org + tpo.org/about prototype

1) kicked up the hackweek preparation for network and metrics team
happening at the end of january (jon is helping with logistics)
2) reviewing moss proposal and organizing around that
3) 1:1 with people
4) followed up on people doing stuff for gettor (hiro and israel)
5) roadmaps on network team and metrics on the way
6) attending sustaining open source software unconference
(https://sustainoss.org/) and then traveling to taipei for otf summit
7) If I get interesting thoughts/ideas related to this unconferences
that I'm attending, should I share notes anywhere?

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