[tor-project] Notes from October 18 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sun Oct 21 09:18:45 UTC 2018

Notes for October 18 2018 meeting:

1) Sue: does our grant forecaster have valid solutions for making the
numbers work out now that Sponsor19 is underway?
2) I might be missing next two vegas mtgs due to Taipei trip
3) I'm talking to Isa / George / Steph about Tor getting an NYU affiliation
4) ahf points out that for any teams that need a mini meeting before the
next major meeting, in Brussels right before FOSDEM is a great choice.

1) Release preparations for Tor Browser 8.0.3, 8.5a4, and 1.0a3 for Android

1) Sent Tor Meeting date ideas to tor-internal. Gathering data about
possible locations for next time -- Lisbon, Athens, Tbilisi. Anyone have
initial thoughts about any of those locations?
2) Working on new Library Freedom website content, LFI application,
recruitment, and curriculum for the next round, plus finishing up the
last few weeks of the first LFI cohort.
3) Meeting with community and UX teams about sponsor9 travel today.
4) Sent an email to Isa, Shari, and Pili about possible community and UX
summit at IFF next year.
5) The Glass Room Experience starts at a number of US libraries this week!
6) Next week we'll follow up with the organizers of Tormenta (feminist
meetup in Mexico City).
7) Submitting IFF CFP early next week.
8) Finished up sponsor19 task 9 with Maggie, Arthur, and Pili
9) Working on community portal content. Missing the notes from the
community portal mapping session from the meeting. Did you take those
notes Pili?
10) Going to DRL implementers meeting next week to talk to them about
all of our great usability and community stuff. If there are
particularly great things you want me to focus on, let me know!
11) Maggie wants to talk to this group about the volunteer coordination
efforts. What's the best method? Mailing list or coming to our next IRC
meeting? [email the list i think isa]

1) YE campaign launches next Tuesday! Tor Browser banners, social media,
blog post, and an email to certain email segments.
2) Planning next phases of the campaign.
3) Updating Sponsor list on the website. Do we want to keep the
threshold at $10,000? Do we want to allow individuals to be listed, if
that is something they would like?
4) Al working on anti-censorship grant proposal with 11/9 deadline and a
modularization proposal to be submitted this month.
5) We are compiling a list of small/family foundations and will send a
postal mail letter about our work in the coming weeks. We'll also
include past donors for whom we do not have email addresses. Pass along
suggestions of foundations that should be included.
6) Attending DRL Implementers meeting next week.

1) released; 0.3.6 merge window is open.  Team is tracking
down bugs and going through the merge backlog.
2) Gettor meeting went well; hoping network team can still contribute.

1) preparing for EOY campaign launch on Tuesday
2) preparing LibrePlanet submission. Alison, Isa, Nathan, Nick, and I
are in for a panel.
3) putting together copy on Tor’s history for the website
4) working with The Berkeley Group on our brand perception study
5) submitting a FOSDEM stand for us

1) EOY campaign - I made banners for TB, reviewed the implementation and
localization. I made Banners for tpo.org, working on the implementation
with hiro. Made swag options, everything was delivered. Worked with
Giant Rabbit on donate.tpo. Made banners for social media.
2) Did OONI Probe app design review, fun as always.
3) Reported for S19 with Arthur and Matt.
4) Helped with OTF onions review.
5) Put together data for pili to report S17 Q1.
6) Reviewing research.tpo.org which irl put together in staging -
7) Trying to get tpo.org and tpo.org/about content frizzed so we can
move to development.

1) Wrapping up OONI Probe mobile design and getting ready for
development handoff
2) Writing specification for several new OONI tests and network
measurement techniques

1) Sent onion services proposal to OTF (What is this? ~ Arturo -
hahahaha not ooni but onion! LOL. Ok :P)
2) Two important meetings for Tor are now in place, 1)
Fundraising/Grants status weeky syncs and 2) Tor Browser release
bi-weekly syncs
3) Changed my trip next week - instead of going to Taiwan OTF Summit I
am doing DRL Implementers meeting in DC
4) Finishing reports so I can be done with PMs things remaining from the
era prior gaba+pili era so I can be done with handing things off to PMs
and complete the transition
5) Met with Julius (he was in NYC!) One of the things we discussed was
Mozilla All hands and Tor's presence
6) Will meet w/ Shari on Monday (she will be in NYC)

1) Drafted a job description for the new metrics developer we want to hire.
2) Released CollecTor 1.8.0 with some minor fixes and improved logging
to hopefully track down an issue where we were missing server
descriptors two weeks earlier.
3) Added a new graph to Tor Metrics that compares total consensus
weights across bandwidth authorities (#25459).

1) Sponsor2 things
2) Nick - How is the datagram paper coming along? Mozilla people want to
meet with us at their all hands in early December, and it is relevant
(what is the best place/time to discuss it?).

1) in Taipei next week for OSF summit
2) will prepare and be on time for next meeting :)

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