[tor-project] August and September community team highlights

Alison Macrina alison at torproject.org
Wed Oct 17 20:12:00 UTC 2018

August and September 2018 Community Team highlights

Meeting notes

Tor Meeting
In August, we began continued organizing events for the Mexico City Tor
Meeting, and started holding biweekly meetings to organize the open days
with the help of local folks. These meetings helped to finalize the open
days agenda and create the promotional blog post. We worked with other
local people to plan and promote the Tormenta feminist meetup for
immediately after the Tor Meeting.

We also started planning State of the Onion plenary and sent the
invite-only agenda out to meeting attendees.

In September, we did a final check of all of our MX meeting todo and
then we headed to Mexico for the meeting!

Gus and emmapeel worked on content corrections and content updates in
the Support Portal.

Gus, Jaruga and Phoul updated the Tor Browser Manual with TB 8 release.

Gus updated the Tor Relay Guide PT-BR version with the main updates.

In August emma did a call for translations for the support portal and
started organizing a Localization Lab AMA.

Library Freedom Institute
In August, Alison held the LFI held our in-person meeting in NYC where
she taught the cohort about Tor, Tails, and running effective workshops.
Steph came by to teach about media literacy, and sysrqb helped out with
the Tor training. The rest of August was LFI weeks 10-13.

In September, LFP started planning the Glass Room Experience in North
American libraries and museums. LFI completed weeks 14-17 of our

Tor talks and outreach
Gus organized and held Tor trainings at the University of Campinas
(Unicamp) August 23rd, in Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya from August 28th to
September 9th, then Oaxaca, Mexico, and Ciudad de Mexico Meetup in
Rancho Electronico right before the Tor Meeting at the end of September
[1]. Gus also spoke at "IX Semana de Privacidade do CGI" about privacy
by design and Tor Project.

Steph did a Tor talk for HS students in NYC August 15th.

Gman999 held a Tor Meetup at NYU/Poly on August 2nd, and began planning
the next NYC meetup for October.

Relay advocacy
In August Colin started organizing the relay operator meetup for Mexico
City. He also created a system to keep track of new relay operators
joining the network, and sent a monthly "welcome" email to these
operators with similar information as the introduction emails.

[1] https://blog.torproject.org/events/tor-meetup-ciudad-de-mexico

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