[tor-project] Note from the Tor Browser meeting, Oct 15 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Oct 17 06:33:00 UTC 2018

Hi all!

On Monday we had another weekly Tor Browser meeting. The chat log can be
found on


and below are the notes from our meeting pad:

Monday October 15, 2018
    -sponsor 19 reporting
    -roadmap "finalization":
https://pad.riseup.net/p/tbb-roadmap-2018-19 (GeKo: we stick with what
we have right now and adapt as we are moving forward)

mcs and brade:
  Last week
    - Filed and fixed #27994 (Use new logo in Tor Launcher).
    - Commented in #28002 (The precomplete file in en-US Windows
installer is incorrect).
    - Spent a lot of time on #26263 (browser app icon positioned
incorrectly in macOS DMG installer window).
  This week:
    - #26263 (browser app icon positioned incorrectly in macOS DMG
installer window).
    - #27828 ("Check for Tor Browser update" doesn't seem to do anything).
    - Review the team roadmap, especially our tasks.

    Last week:
        -worked on #26475 (Stylo related reproducibility issues); it
seems I have a patch but still need to dig deeper to understand what's
exactly going on)
        -wrote a patch to update our release process document (#25030)
        -helped with sponsor8 reporting (sysrqb, igt0: please have a
look at
and make sure I did not miss anything we could add for the past three
        -helped with the onion services proposal
        -helped with the anticensorship dev applications
        -started to update the Tor Browser spec (#25021)
    This week:
        -release prep
        -more reviews
        -look closer at #28039 to make sure we don't backport that bug
        -landing patches for #26475
        -more work on Tor Browser spec update
        -start investigating the single-locale language repacks (#27466)
        -esr60 wrap-up (mcs/brade: Could you finish #22074 for that? How
much is left?) from mcs: We will have to take a look at our notes but
there might be some low priority tickets that we should file.

    Last week;
        - worked on #3600 (disable redirect cookies)
        - released tbblogger (cleaned up version of logger built to
diagnose that windows race condition, should be helpful for similar
issues in the future)


    This week

      - con flue is back for round #2 (have a cold)

        - finish up #3600
        - take a look at Arthur's suggestion for #26540 (pdfjs
range-requests going out on system circuit)

    Last week:
        email backlog
        began sponsor 19 report
        Worked on #27616 (rust audit)
        Took over BridgeDB
    This week:
        Finish #27616
        Finish sponsor 19 report (with help from anyone)
        Sponsor 8 report update
        Begin working on #28051 (Orbot integration)
        Bug fix #28051

     Last week:
         - Worked on #25013 (Desktop is working, now doing small tweaks
to make it work on mobile)
         - Started to write a torbutton proposal. (I am still digesting
a bit the meeting we had in mexico, to make sure the proposal is not
missing anything)
         - Read few web/android fingerprinting papers (Session
Fingerprinting in Android via Web-to-App Intercommunication)
    This week:
        - Finish #25013
        - Send torbutton proposal

    Last week:
        - organising meetings
        - re-grouping after Mexico
    This week:
        - Tor Browser release meeting - every other week on Wednesdays
at 18:00 UTC - starting this Wednesday 17th October
        - gettor: hiro has volunteered to take it forward, but should
this be within this team? - meeting to discuss its future - Wednesday
17th at 16:30 UTC    ilv can't make it at that time, watch this space...
(GeKo: I think applications team is fine for now)
        - Sponsor19 reports: Task 7 and Task 9b -
        - Sponsor8 Q3 report pad:
        - Orfox issues from Fabiola (Guardian Project): How do we want
to deal with these going forward? Let's talk about it next week... too
much on this week

    Last week:
        - made patch for #27218 (generating multiple bundles in
parrallel). On my build machine it seems to be 3.5 times faster than before.
        - fixed #28002 (fix the precomplete file in the en-US installer)
        - reviewed patch for #25030 (Update release process document)
    This week:
        - work on testsuite
        - check if more updates are needed for #25030
        - help with building new releases

 Last week:
   - Worked more on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1330467
(FPI permissions, getting closer!)
   - Started work on donation banner code
   - Reviewed #26540 (pdfjs range requests not respecting FPI)
   - Worked on S19 report sections
 This week:
   - Finish donation banner
   - Add some locales for TBB
   - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27200 (hide Firefox
favicon from about:tor
   - Try to post patches for FPI permission on bugzilla
   - Help with finishing S19 report sections

  Last week:
    - Setup location to host android dependency tarball (we will move
host later as part of integration)
    - #27440 - using android ndk prebuilt gcc and llvm
    - #27443: No more downloads of android dependencies during (uses
tarball of dependencies). Project aligned with all changes in
    - Investigated deeper in why apk not reproducible (have defined some
possible causes)
    - Summary: we have a complete build that doesn’t depend on network
  This Week:
    - Investigate differences in apk
    - start integration of changes
    - testing of #27441

  Last week:
    - #25475 (TB Credits): wrote a simple bash script to collect
committers of several repos and need input how to go from there (the
created output has ~6k lines with many duplicates), also wrt to non-code
  This week:
    - collected several TB 8.0.2 log errors and try to reproduce them,
need to investigate why noscript disappeared


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