[tor-project] Notes from October 11 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Oct 12 07:42:23 UTC 2018

Notes for October 11 2018 meeting:

1) Anti-censorship team hiring plan/progress?

1) I think the meeting was awesome. Gus in particular did an incredible
job getting lots of locals involved. I like the method of starting with
a Tor training before the meeting. I have some ideas for how things
could have gone better but overall I'm happy with it. Going to shoot out
an email today or tomorrow for meeting feedback, with a reminder to
people to put their notes on the wiki. I will also start a round of
thank-yous to some locals, and try to do a debrief with the folks who
were at the feminist meetup (which was amazing). Immediate feedback from
this group?
2) Thoughts about the next Tor Meeting -- Stockholm doesn't seem to work
for many people, other ideas given were Athens or Lisbon closer to our
regular meeting time. I was thinking I'd make a survey after the meeting
group gets back to me with possible costs etc.
3) Working on a Library Freedom website makeover and rebrand.
4) Finishing up LFI curriculum for the pilot, starting work on the next one.
5) Finishing up the community team roadmap. We have a lot of travel
coming up.
6) Next week I'm starting to prep for LFI recruitment, which will begin
in December or so.
7) Library Freedom starts the Glass Room Experience in North American
libraries next week!

1) We have released a beta of the OONI Probe desktop app for Windows and
macOS: https://github.com/ooni/probe-desktop/releases/tag/v3.0.0-beta.1
2) We have released a beta of the OONI Probe CLI for macOS, windows and
linux: https://github.com/ooni/probe-cli/releases/tag/v3.0.0-beta.1
3) The OONI meeting in Mexico went very well, we now have a tentative
roadmap for the next 12 months
4) We have started collaborating closer with the Tor UX team, yay!
5) Working toward the upcoming OONI Probe mobile launch.
6) Updated test lists: https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/398
& https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/pull/399
7) Submitted September report:

1) Back to software. Half my team is sick or taking a break, so stuff's
a bit slow.
2) Talking at Berkman about decentralization this afternoon.
3) Discussions happening about gettor and who should own it.  Sponsor19
timing leaves us in a weird place wrt coordination.

1) Started working on 1 new graph and 2 updated graphs as a result of
talking to people in Mexico City.
2) About to release CollecTor 1.8.0 with a couple smaller fixes, also in
response to missing out server descriptor descriptors over the weekend.

1) YE campaign planning. Today will add more ideas to the social media
2) Wrote a blog about my first Tor meeting.
3) Getting Al ramped up.
4) Still trying to work out best way to accept cryptocurrency.

1) Fosdem talk submission
2) Started the sponsor19 list and threads
  - i wonder if everybody with a task has confirmed seeing the mail?
3) Many anti-censorship dev applications still coming in
4) Should add new Penn funding to sponsors page. Anything else to add?
Yes: Handshake.
5) We have another sysadmin interview right after this meeting

1) working with the berkeley group on our brand study. reviewing their
survey and making sure they have relevant info
2) preparing for EOY fundraising campaign. taglines done, reviewing artwork
3) responding to inquiries
4) planning comms strategy for next year, met with Isa to discuss

1) organizing and having 1:1s with a lot of people (weekly) Gaba, Erin,
Steph, Sarah, Pili, Sue
2) synced with all Fundraising/Grants working group (we will have a
weekly sync to keep track of all fundraising and grants work)
3) finishing sponsor17 final reports
4) getting onion proposal updated with OTF feedback
5) Vegas team will get bigger soon :)
6) October is the last month of transition - will be in Seattle during
the week of Nov 12 where we will finalize it

1) One of the outcomes of the research.torproject.org meeting was to
create a public tor-researchers mailinglist, but with subscribe
approval. Is this possible? Who do I ask? [yes it is possible, see

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