[tor-project] Notes from November 15 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Nov 16 11:25:42 UTC 2018

Notes for November 15 2018 meeting:

1) still finishing LFI round 1, working on round 2
2) creating community portal content
3) working on SIDA report

1) Sponsor2 work; still ignoring most other things.

1) Gettor coordination for next week.
2) OONI roadmap and deadlines for MOSS.
3) Slowly receiving CVs for metrics data architect position.
4) Interviews for anti-censorship position.
5) Organizing sponsors that teams are working on.

1) working on TB security settings - http://trac.torproject.org/25658
2) working on TBA+Orbot settings and onboarding -
3) the first version of our series of docs is on the wiki. Thanks pili
for pushing it live and hiro for the review!
4) met with Ciberseguras to talk about further community outreach together.
5) sent my article for the UNAM colloquium.
6) working with the community team on our new outreach material.
7) met with Helen and Pili to define our User Testing Reporting Framework.
8) planning usability research for next month in Brazil.
9) met with Duncan, a designer from Scotland who is interested on
helping the UX team.
10) synced with Alex (ahf) about snowflake.
11) reviewing OONI Explorer mockups with Elio.

1) busy with getting Tor Browser for Android alpha into shape
2) writing back to the snap mail sent by Iain today (not sure what we
want to do with that in particular and with our Linux situation in
general yet)

1) lots of features, lots of releases, lots of coding.
2) anticensorship dev interviews seem to be going well.

1) Preparing for a public beta release of OONI Probe mobile
2) Published a report on Uganda with our partner defend defenders:
3) Getting input on OONI Explorer from UX team
4) Anticensorship dev interviews

1) Firming up YE campaign blog/email/social media schedule (will be
contacting several of you to see if you are willing to author a post)
2) Finalizing language for next round of TB banners for next release
3) Met with OTF and Sida POs over the weekend

1) announced Nighat joined the board. Published blog, sent releases,
shared on social
2) writing EOY campaign post, outlining others
3) making graphics from Tor Stories quotes
4) writing feedback from The Berkeley Group’s midpoint presentation
5) coordinated an interview for Isa
6) gave edits to the blog comment policy

1) Carried on with data gathering for Sponsor 9 report
2) Sent out Visual Identity Survey
- Started analysing results

1) finishing my farewell blog post; should be posted later today
2) so many loose ends with the transition, which is happening this

1) finishing transition - getting all things flipped (financial stuff)
2) reviewing YE campaign blog posts and other copies
3) catching up on visual identity exercises
4) helping on sida report a bit
5) recreating our organogram
6) did interview to spanish tve - a bit lame tho :( they were really
into metrics and dark web
7) met with Sida PM and with OTF team in DC
8) reviewing 990

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