[tor-project] October 2018 User Feedback Report

Maggie maghaughey at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 03:47:18 UTC 2018

Hey, friends!

Welcome to the October 2018 user feedback report. For more information
on what users and community members were talking about this month, check
out the Fall 2018 User Feedback pad [1].


Things seem to be going smoothly!
- Users aren't talking as much this month about the user agent changes.
- The most common questions are related to using Tor together with a VPN
(should I use both? Is it bad to use both? How can I hide the fact that
I'm using Tor?).
- Regarding TBA, users are largely grateful that we're developing an
official Android app, and feedback is generally very positive. Ratings
on the Google Play Store are high (the app is currently rated 4.3
stars), even when users are experiencing some fairly frustrating
quality-of-life issues.
- In offline news, Cybelle and I ran a Demystifying Tor workshop at
MozFest! There was great turnout, and lots of interest in running relays.


Now, on to the feedback! Scroll further down to see a recap of some of
the MozFest session questions, a summary of Reddit posts, some points
from Google Play Store reviews, a list of the most common Stack Exchange
tags from the month, and a collection of some notable issues and bugs
mentioned by users in October.

- One of the most common points of confusion is whether people should
use a VPN together with Tor to mask the fact that they're using Tor. In
conversations about this on Reddit, pluggable transports are rarely
mentioned. Even though we already have some information about VPNs in
the FAQ, it seems that this explanation is not extensive enough, and
that the information is not visible enough. I suggest that we release a
blog post or a few tweets to further address this misconception.

- In general, it seems like users will go to Reddit before reading the
FAQ or support.torproject.org. How can we change this flow to encourage
users to check Tor resources before seeking outside advice?

- People always have questions about whether doing a certain thing will
allow them to be fingerprinted (i.e. relative window position, adding
bookmarks, etc.). Can we add a list of things to the FAQ that might
allow users to be fingerprinted? We might also consider implementing
more pop-up warnings when users attempt to do something that might
identify them, as we currently do when users resize the browser window.

- Tor is still broken for screen readers. In addition, Gesturefy (an
extension that can be used as an accessibility aid) doesn't work with
Tor Browser any more. These two issues are limiting Tor's accessibility,
and making it so that certain users can't use Tor at all.


Questions from the MozFest Demystifying Tor session:
- Is it ever safe to run any type of relay from my home?
- How can I contribute to Tor?
- What are some good ways to convince people to use Tor?


Most common questions on Reddit (r/TOR):
- How can I hide the fact that I'm using Tor; or, should I use a VPN
together with Tor?
    - (it's worth noting that these discussions rarely mention pluggable
transports as a solution.)
- Tor can't connect. What do I do?
    - People on Reddit are generally very good about troubleshooting
this one.


TBA Reviews & Feedback on Google Play Store:
- People are frustrated by the current issues with copy/paste and text
- TBA fails to download files, causing frustration for users.
- Users are requesting that we bundle Orbot and TBA into the same app.


Most common stack exchange tags:
- tor-browser-bundle - 18 asked this month
- configuration - 10 asked this month
- tor-install - 7 asked this month
- windows - 6 asked this month
- anonymity - 5 asked this month
- security - 5 asked this month
- tails - 5 asked this month
- help - 5 asked this month
- connection - 5 asked this month


Notable bugs, fixes, & issues:

#27867 - Gesturefy doesn't work with Tor Browser - (OPEN - needs more
info) [2]

#27256 - Text cannot be selected, copied, or pasted as usual on TBA -
(OPEN - needs more info) [3]

#27701 - TBA fails to download files - (OPEN) [4]

#27987 - TBA disables screenshots, with no option to enable them -
(OPEN) [5]

#27845 - Browser window size is 1000x998 on MacOS - differs from other
OSs and allows MacOS users to be differentiated - (OPEN) [6]

#27813 - Tor is leaking memory - (CLOSED - fixed in Tor [7]


That's it for the month of October! For the sake of brevity I've left
out some other feedback, so if you want to know more, please do check
out the Fall 2018 User Feedback pad [1] or reach out to me via email
(waywardwyrd at riseup dot net) or IRC (wayward).

Thanks for reading! I'll see you all back here next month.

- Maggie (wayward)

pronouns: she/they | twitter: @meochaidha
pgp: 0626 9C68 D0CC 1A5B E41B 72F2 615E B878 975C 4CDC


2. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27867
3. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27256
4. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27701
5. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27987
6. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27845
7. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27813

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