[tor-project] Notes from the Tor Browser team meeting, 29 May 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed May 30 07:56:00 UTC 2018


We had our last weekly meeting in May yesterday due to a US holiday on
Monday and here come the usual notes. The chat log can be found at:


The notes from the pad are:

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

    -nightly releases, preparations for the alpha

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Reviewed #25750 (update Tor Launcher for ESR 60).
    - Reviewed #23247 (Communicating security expectations for .onion).
    - Tested the new circuit display on macOS.
    - Took a lot of time off for family events.
  This week:
    - For a couple more days, we still have limited availability for Tor
    - Begin #22074 (Review Firefox Developer Docs and Undocumented bugs
since FF52esr).

    Last week:
        - Finished TorLauncher updates for 60ESR (#27570)
        - Tested which unit tests fail/break with TBA patches (#25741)
        - Started rebasing tor-browser patches (using Arthur's branch,
#25543) onto FF61 (#26233)
    This week:
        - Continue rebasing tor-browser patches onto FF61 (#26233)
        - Help igt0 with troubleshooting orfox

    Last Week:
        - Helped out Arthur to wrap up the 26100;
        - Kept pocking Gecko trying to figure out why the latest ESR
release is crashing(I also asked for help from the JSAPI team
    This Week
       - Still need to figure out why Orfox is crashing
       - Look again in Tor Button for Mobile (What it needs to be done
in the esr60)
       - Finish my JSConf slides and present it.

    Last week:
        - made patches for:
            - #22242 (Selfrando embeds the RUNPATH in Linux binaries)
            - #26165 (make it possible to use gcc:var/setup without
hardening wrapper)
            - #25860 (Clean up OpenSSL's configure options for Windows)
            - #25859 (Clean up zlib's build script)
            - #12968 (Specify HEASLR (High Entropy Address Space Layout
Randomization) in MinGW-w64)
        - updated patch for #25862 (move mingw helper scripts to firefox)
        - updated and rebased patch for #16472 (binutils update)
        - looked at the list of things to do for #26050 (achieve update
"watershed" for ESR60-based Tor Browser)
    This week:
        - file upstream binutils ticket for #26148
        - review some tickets (#25832, #25894, #25975, #9711)
        - continue work on some ansible roles for testsuite VMs setup

 - We know where the (one?) crash in x64 sandbox is and are working on a fix
 - Scheduled some all hands meetings, scheduling more this week.
 - Working on getting Jacek as a contractor for mingw-clang

   Last Week:
       - reviews, reviews, reviews
       - debugged various issues with our proposed patch for nightly
linux builds based on esr60 (#26073)
       - wrote a fix for about:tor not shown in upcoming nightlies (#26129)
       - helped antonela with builds for user testing (arthur asks: what
were results? did circuit display ever work?) [GeKo: not sure about the
results but we fixed the issue with the circuit display and .onion icons
not showing up)
       - worked on setting up new signing (sub) keys (MAR and Tor Browser)
       - debugged issues with our switch for macOS to the new toolchain;
the good news is I get Tor Browser built (wrote patch for #9711 and
started with #26195)
       - went over the patches we want to have on ESR60 for the
mingw-w64 build: tjr: are there patches left we want to uplift? [GeKo:
currently not but we want to have backport at least one patch to get the
browser compiled for mingw-w64:
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1448748; we'll probably
want to pick https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1411401 and
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1389967 as well, once they
are ready]
  This Week:
       - finish MAR signing key testing
       - finish macOS switch to new toolchain (including all the other
components, not only firefox)
       - make progress on the network review

    Last Week:
        - finished up #23247 patch (for tor-browser and ESR60), though
when applied against ESR60 tryserver tests start failing left and right
        - investigated said failures, but haven't fixed yet
    This Week: [GeKo: + start to work on #26039]
        - fix #23247 test failures
        - resolve localization issue
        - taking Friday off, flying to Kansas for wife's bike race

    Last Week:
        With igt0, finished up revisions for
        Finished up revisions for https://trac.torproject.org/25543
(update tor-browser.git for esr60)
        Posted my WIP patches for feeback on
    This week:
        Work on more ff60-esr tickets: (#26128, #14952, #25555)
        Rebase branches for mozilla-beta (#26233) (sysrqb: great, thanks!)

    Last Week:
        - Worked on #26073. I think it's done but I will wait for it to
be merged.
        - Meeting with Hooman: #25483
    This Week:
        - Will work on #26216 and #26203
        - If there is a higher priority ticket for the nightly, please
let me know. [GeKo: no, #26203 is the highest prio for now]


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