[tor-project] Notes from May 24 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri May 25 07:25:51 UTC 2018

Notes for May 24 2018 meeting:

1) Finishing vanguards specification; finalizing vanguards rpo
2) On vacation Jun 7-15; Key Mozilla will not be at all-hands on the
16th, likely going to skip it.
3) Prepping for Seattle meeting.

1) We helped Antonela with Tor Browser bundles for user testing
2) We are about to switch to ESR60-based Tor Browser nightly builds
3) Timesheet approval

1) Stable release out ( We'll know if it's good once users get it.
2) Going to take off from most everything else in order to prep for
Seattle meeting.
3) Possibly not at this meeting next week, depending on Seattle schedule.
4) Monday's a holiday and I'm traveling Tuesday: you won't see me (much)

1) iwakeh leaves the metrics team by end of May (and not by end of June
as originally planned), and irl joins in July, which leaves just me as
paid metrics team person in June. It's unclear whether we'll able to do
reviews in June. Maybe it will be a month of documentation and
housekeeping without actual code changes.
2) We're putting out new releases of everything on Friday and next week
to switch from Gson to Jackson. The main reason is to practice the
release/deployment process with irl.

1) Success in getting a website opened to Tor users, though behind a
2) Interviewing Mozilla fellows this week
3) Ran a booth at RightsCon last week with invaluable help from Kat,
Sina, and Sukhbir! Thanks Jon for getting our gear sent out!
4) Working through our presence at Def Con, seems we cannot have a booth
in the village as we had hoped, but Roger could still do an AMA
5) Worked with Colin and Tommy on a post announcing Colin’s new position
as relay advocate
6) Worked with Antonela on a post about user testing at cryptorave
7) Lining up future posts on the blog content calendar with Tommy
8) Replying to questions from a journalist

1) It's been a week very packed with conferences and social gatherings.
I am currently in San Francisco.
2) Published interview with Julie Owono:
3) Working on research reports
4) Updated test lists (KZ, PK, global)
5) OONI data was cited in various research reports & we got press
coverage from a Malaysian news website
6) Making a considerable amount of progress on the OONI Probe windows app
7) Wrote in this ticket some considerations about how to test
circumvention tools in OONI Probe: https://github.com/ooni/spec/issues/109.

1) got extensions for sponsor17 and 13 (this one will come for us to
sign more towards the end of the contract)
2) writing a evaluation report for sponsor4 (they requested it) this is
based on what we wrote at 'monitoring and evaluation' part of the proposal
3) organizing nce request for sponsor8 and a short
evaluation/expectations report for sponsor9 (phase 1 ends in June so we
will have to write a lot of reports, phase 2 plans and budget for them)
4) organizing a soft launch for support.tpo so we can have translations
done and all the remaining blockers resolved (this is hanging way too
long is priority to solve this so we can at least meet a few of the
website redesign deliverables)
5) will meet CEO of cliqz on June 5th in NYC
6) going to Seattle next week for network team hackfest and to sync with
7) working on PMs job posts
8) plan on start organizing content creation process for new tpo site

1) trying to organize everything for Isabela handoff
2) too much travel (I'm at the airport now)
3) good connections at RightsCon
4) anti-censorship project

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