[tor-project] Notes from May 10 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri May 11 07:47:09 UTC 2018

Notes for May 10 2018 meeting:

1) LFP is planning to host the Glass Room Experience for North America
in libraries
2) still working on the LFI curriculum
3) held a meeting planners meeting yesterday and worked out plans for
visas and other Mexico City needs
4) planning for a feminist technology meetup after the Mexico City
meeting with Juliana from Derechos Digitales [fyi if it will be after I
wont be able to make it because I need to go back to nyc to vote :isa]
5) Uganda trip is coming up!
6) looking for a volunteer to take over RT duties [isn't this something
the outreachy person was going to do? isa]
7) still finishing Tor training slides that will go on community.tpo
8) user research coordinator interviews next week
9) sounds like Cryptorave was a success!! any follow up plans?
10) lots of outreach stuff happening (see community team update for April)
11) getting Gus onboarded next week

1) Met with Simone and hacked on some measurement-kit stuff related to
probe orchestration and windows support (this was one of the main
blockers to vanilla Tor development)
2) Had some infrastructure fires and in the progress of dealing with them
3) Kicked-off our series of OONI Community Interviews with the
publication of an interview with Moses Karanja:
(many more community interviews will follow in the next months)
4) CBC News wrote a story about OONI:
5) Updated the Ugandan test list:
6) Established a new partnership with Nigeria's Paradigm Initiative:
7) Preparing for many sessions at RightsCon next week!

1) Busy with programming stuff on net team.  All seems well.
2) Gearing up for Seattle meeting.
3) New keyboard: will be typing slowly. :/

1) 0.3.4 development;

1) preparing for RightsCon (I'm doing a panel at the ED meeting on
dealing with harassment at the organizational level)
2) discussing new grant opportunity from Ford & Sloan
3) met with Kelley Misata, as she was in Seattle
5) trying to get organized for passing things on to Isa
6) a few personnel things

1) Will be at RightsCon next week. We have a booth Thurs May 17 1pm-6pm.
2) Published post on domain fronting. Editing a couple others
3) The usuals: social, press and frontdesk on RT
4) Preparations for a Pittsburgh panel on free speech next month
5) Trying to help a foundation contact allow Tor users to their site.

1) we did a lot of sessions at cryptorave [my keynote, gus did a tor
meetup that was packed, anto did a user testing w/ intrigeri that was
very productive, anto and isa also did a women digital self defense
session, I did a session about how to use ooni to monitor the internet
during elections (brasil2018.net a personal project/campaign i am
doing). Met with people in risk that needed urgent training. Gus
organized a really great training after cryptorave where I did another
user testing session. Many cryptorave sessions are online on youtube.
2) trying to catch up on stuff and keep working on reports with very
little online moments I get here and there.
3) met with folks in Brasilia who worked at the Marco Civil, they are
organizing a big campaign to create a law that protects cryptography in
Brazil and are asking for me to come back in September for an event
about it. (can't really confirm if this will be possible)
4) got invited to speak at a GNUHealth event about using Tor in health
care systems to ensure privacy and security (this will be in November)
5) met with a couple of journalists, one about brasil2018.net and
another about tor

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