[tor-project] Notes from May 3 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri May 4 13:22:00 UTC 2018

Notes for May 3 2018 meeting:

1) HOPE -- one of our talks got accepted, waiting to hear about other
talks and the table
2) Sponsor9 -- coordinating travel and workshop plans with partners
3) LFI -- more curriculum development, setting up communication
platforms, finalizing stuff before we begin in June!
4) next week we'll begin interviews for the user research coordinator
5) Mexico City save-the-dates are going out, getting more invitation
suggestions from tor-internal@ now
6) the meeting planners group will meet on May 9 at 1700 UTC (in
#tor-meeting unless it's occupied) to make a timeline and delegate tasks
for the Mexico City meeting
7) Outreachy and Summer of Privacy interns have been chosen!
8) lots of outreach stuff happening on the community team: meetups in
Pune, India, Ann Arbor, NYC meetup planning, plus Cryptorave is this

1) Release preparations to pick up Mozilla's Firefox ESR 52.8.0;
countdown for transitioning to ESR 60 for Tor Browser desktop is starting

1) What do we know about what triggered the cascade of CDNs to disable
domain fronting? Did they all collective panic? Or did customers
complain? Did a censor threaten to block all of them? Or is there some
other issue?
2) 0.3.3+0.3.4 development work

1) 0.3.3 should be stable soon.
2) 0.3.4 will be feature-frozen soon.
3) 0.2.5 is now unsupported
4) 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 is likely to be chosen as a long-term support release,
depending on timing.
5) Taught a 90-minute class of MIT students about Tor this week.
Realizing I have at least 3 hours of material. Maybe ought to make a
video series.

1) responding to inquiries
2) Def Con
3) talking to a volunteer about writing a post on running exits

1) Made even more progress on Sponsor 13 deliverables.

1) Finished a, mostly working, OONI Probe orchestration backend MVP
done: https://github.com/ooni/orchestra/pull/44#issuecomment-386005973
2) Finished most of the screen mockups for the revamped OONI Explorer
3) Going to hire illustrators for illustrations for the revamped OONI
Probe app

1) submitted OTF grant proposal

1) onion services otf proposal done
2) late with sponsor8 report - trying to get it done by eod monday
3) talking with brave about their feature using Tor
4) will participate in at least 4 activities about tor at cryptorave may
4 and 5 and on may 8th i will be offline doing a tor training in sao
paulo (expect offline time)
5) preparing monthly reports for sponsor 13 and 17
6) working on the domain fronting issue
7) need to move on with the job post for localization project manager
part time position
8) internews approached me talking about a pluggable transport idea they
want to submit a grant proposal for and would like a support letter from tor

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