[tor-project] Notes from March 29 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Mar 30 07:20:00 UTC 2018

Notes for March 29 2018 meeting:

1) Have a working prototype of OONI Probe desktop on macOS shipping the
ooni in go binary statically linked to measurement-kit
2) Progress on implementing the mockups for the revamped OONI Explorer
3) Completed a first pass at writing the copy for the revamped OONI
Probe mobile app
4) Did a talk at the Tor Vergata university Linux Users Group
5) This morning, without any prior notification, I got removed admin
rights from github.com/torproject (different from
github.com/thetorproject, which is where OONI repos are at, but it took
the sleepy me some time to realise that). Does somebody know who did
this? I think we are going to soon migrate all OONI repositories away
from github.com/thetorproject as a precaution. [This was my team,
"moving fast and breaking things", since that repository only contains
network team stuff atm. Sorry for false alarm; I'll pass on request for
notification.  - Nick]
6) Hosted the March OONI Community Gathering:
7) Updated Sierra Leone test list:
8) Supported various community members with OONI data requests

1) This is my 9th meeting this week. Joy!
2) Cleaning up github/thetorproject membership with Arturo.
3) New alpha coming out today.
4) We seem to be sticking to our "critical fixes only" thing in 0.3.3;
wish us luck in the coming week as we triage 0.3.4
5) ED search moves forward

1) Lots of email, discussion, and research about potential future Tor
network changes
2) Wrote a draft to send to a Google DoS engineer I know about recaptcha
and privacy pass, ran it by gk. Will send today.
3) Tor code review for 0.3.3

1) scheduling board meeting and preparing information re: ED search
interviews for discussion
2) trying to finalize the 2016 audit; could it actually be done this week?
3) trying to finalize location of next Tor meeting
4) started pulling together figures for where our money has come from
5) I'll be in San Francisco the end of next week to visit lots of folks
and speak at this https://www.eff.org/event/john-perry-barlow-symposium;
I hope to see Mike when I'm there, and hopefully Sue Gardner
6) spoke with Erin about starting job search for development director;
should have that description written by next week

1) Set up CollecTor's webstats module to sanitize web server logs and
modified metrics-web to process these logs instead of the ones available
on webstats.tp.o. If everything continues to look good, we can shut down
webstats.tp.o in a few weeks.
2) We'll have an in-person metrics team meeting on April 11 where we're
updating our roadmap.

1) Network team had it first meeting on the new format and worked pretty
well :)
2) Organizing weekly syncs for sponsor9 work
3) Organizing UX and services roadmap (while reviewing TB roadmap) -
this is actually a big effort (takes time) since involves many tasks
4) FB research proposal: Names associated are Geko, Arturo and Roger
(can people confirm this is ok ?) [GeKo: Fine with me. Arturo: ACK.]
5) Spoke with students at a high-school in Brooklyn about how it is to
do what I do at Tor
6) Website work is moving on! Translation for support will start to be
tested soon, we are picking our illustrator for the sites. Our next
priority for development is 'torproject.org'.

1) We got another bunch of releases out. So far we keep up with
Mozilla's weekly security bugfix release schedule :)
2) Worked on the team roadmap and waiting on ux team to incorporate the
remaining feedback

1) snowflake front domain: ticket 23947 wants some attention from our
service admin types. I'll plan to get that thread started after the meeting.
2) rightscon booth: should we have one? [answer: yes, steph will lead that]
3) two extra rightscon tickets [Arturo: it turns out I don't need the
other OONI ticket, simone already got his via other means.]? three.
three extra rightscon tickets. [answer: maybe we should offer them to
the broader Tor community, for example in exchange for helping us to
staff the booth.]
4) mozilla fellow, user advocate role, status? [answer: we're nearly
ready to post it]
5) facebook proposal

1) Went to LibrePlanet with Alison, Isa, Nathan, Nick. Excited to get
better at this, do more talks, and talk to people at our booths. We'll
submit for RightsCon village
2) Upcoming blog posts: rehash of mozilla fellowship, privacy int post
on onions, a few volunteer spotlights in the works, tor messenger update
3) Asking to set up a call with private internet access about exits
4) Newsletter about ready to go
5) DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge on til April 10, new competitions to win
more money this week

1) Libreplanet was awesome
2) Getting on track with Sponsor 9 planning tomorrow
3) Library Freedom Institute curriculum development is my biggest
priority right now
4) Code of Conduct is out for a vote!
5) helping find a location for the next NYC Tor meetup
6) speaking at the Texas Library Association Conference next week
7) still waiting to hear about HOPE....

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