[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 26 March 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Mar 26 19:18:00 UTC 2018


Our Tor Browser meeting just finished. The chat log can be found on


and our pad items are:

Monday, March 26, 2018

    -thoughts from the Rome meeting? (GeKo: I prefer a pre-meeting day
as other teams are doing instead of having multiple days for gathering
the roadmapping stuff)
    -next tor browser team meeting (It will be on 4/3 1800 UTC on

    Work done since Rome:
       -releases, releases, releases
       -prepared the roadmap trying to take results from our session,
the mobile session etc. into account
       -shortened my review queue, sorry that it took so long (I am
almost done but will finish the remaining things this week)
       -#21777 (little progress but not done)
       -looked again at #10394 to disable automatic HTTPS-Everywhere
updates (Arthur is curious about this one.) [GeKo explained the idea in
the meeting, see IRC log]
       -started to integrate building rust and tor with it enabled into
tor-browser-build (#25481)
       -backlog due to dev meeting

    This week:
       -update to the security control redesign proposal
       -continue triaging ages old bugs

mcs and brade:
  Since Rome:
    - Worked on patches for #25405 (cannot use Moat if a meek bridge is
configured ).
    - Spent a little time on #20212 (Tor can be forced to open too many
circuits by embedding .onion resources).
    - Backported patches for #23439 (Exempt .onion domains from mixed
content warnings).
  This week:
    - Finish #25405 (cannot use Moat if a meek bridge is configured).
    - Start rebasing the Tor Browser updater patches for ESR 60.

    Since Rome:
        - Updated  #25013 addressing arthur's comments;
        - Rebased and built Orfox(Orfox-1.5.1-RC-1)
        - Investigated if it is possible to drop items from external
apps inside orfox/firefox(Android 7 feature)
    This Week:
        - Take a look into the domain-isolator component to verify if it
is possible to use it in the alpha tbb for android build.


    This week:

     - finish reviewing TB(desktop+mobile) roadmaps and
updating/organizing ux roadmap to make sure we are aligned
     - start preparing final reports for sponsor4 that ends on march 30th
     - following up on censorship team stuff and FB proposal stuff <-
does tb team has any feedback on this?

    Since Rome:
        - helped with building/publishing new releases
        - bisected binutils issue for #16472
        - worked on #25304 (Update gcc to 6.4.0 (Linux))
        - fixed:
            - #25531 (Add locks in archive.tpo rsync scripts)
            - #25585 (Use https instead of http to fetch dependencies
when possible)
            - #23640 (Send a patch to add rbm to the
reproducible-builds.org documentation)
    This week:
        - finish publishing releases
        - try to fix binutils reproducibility issue (#16472) and -debug
build (#25584)
        - finish #25304 (Update gcc to 6.4.0 (Linux))
        - fix #25318 (Add Tor Browser nightly builds email notification)
        - make some progress on #18867 (Ship auto-updates for Tor
Browser nightly channel)


    Last Week:

    - visited the Netherlands

    This week:

    - go through 1432966's dependent bugs and bring down any patches
required to fully fix #25147

    - investigating work to excise /proc dependency on Linux (#20283)

    Since Rome:
        - We have a roadmap for TBA!
        - Orfox patches merged into Alpha (#19675)
        - Updated Orfox build docs (#25562)
        - Chatted with Arthur about building TorLauncher (and TorButton)
as system add-ons (#24856)
    This week:
        - Building/Releasing Orfox based on 52.7.3esr (with help from
the Guardian Project) (today)
        - Update HTTPS-Everywhere add-on bundled with Orfox (#25603)
        - Open some more tickets for tracking roadmap milestones
        - Continue working on TBA tickets

    Since Rome:

      - Worked on a patch for
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24309 (new tor circuit

     - Did some more rebasing to mozilla-60.

    This week:

      - Continue to rebase

      - Try to uplift permissions isolation patch, which is nearly ready

      - Review Tor SoP applications

    Following week:

      - afk for 3 days


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