[tor-project] Notes from March 22 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Mar 23 13:12:15 UTC 2018

Notes for March 22 2018 meeting:

1) Catching up on email.
2) Scheduled ED first round interviews. Now interviewing five strong
3) Reworking Sida budget (again).
4) Gathering statistics about where the Tor Project's money comes from
to send to tor-meeting.
5) Planning a trip to San Francisco, either at the end of next week or
April 6-8.

1) Also busy with ED screening interviews
2) Rome was great, wasn't it?
3) Ramping up with new network team plans and organizing methods, thanks
to Isabela and the whole team:
 * Minimal roadmap
 * Regular roadmap checkins
 * only doing roadmapped stuff.
 * Preassigned ticket reviewers
 * preassigned rotations
 * Regular 1:1:1 meetings w me and isabela and each team member.
 * aggressive ticket triage
 * Serious CI
 * Every roadmap task has at least 2 people on it.
4) Doing libreplanet this weekend with Isa, Nathan, Alison and Steph.
5) Trying to fix all the bugs in 033

1) Finalizing Tor Browser roadmap for the next few months, starting to
install new procedures (e.g. rotating release duties)
2) Roger: There is still the Taler Mail from Shari from 02/20 asking you
about your opinion. [Noted, will answer soon. -Roger]

1) Working on new community team roadmap
2) Doing LibrePlanet with a bunch of people this weekend!
3) Lots of LFI curriculum design
4) Kat is working on #24148 to get special treats to noteworthy volunteers
5) Colin is choosing our Outreachy intern(s)
6) Excited to have the Tor relay advocate position open!
7) Getting back on track for Sponsor 9 tasks after the meeting --
organizing content for community.torproject.org
8) Colin is also connecting with the group working on Localization Linguine
9) Trying to wrap up the remaining tasks for this Community Council.
10) Got lots of feedback from the CC session in Rome
11) Organizing the Tor Meeting committee. This is something we discussed
in Rome and I think it'll make the meetings run even better.

1) DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge is running. We had a bug with our
campaign page, but it is fixed as of this morning
https://www.crowdrise.com/duckduckgoprivacychallenge [should the rest of
us make accounts for the challenge? i wasn't clear on what that gets us.
-Roger] [if you want to personally fundraise for us, tell the story of
why, then share your personal fundraising link. - Steph]
2) Preparing for LibrePlanet this weekend. Will be on a State of the
Onion panel with nickm, n8fr8, isa. Had a retractable standing banner
and flyers made for our table. Thanks to Alison for help putting this
3) Mozilla Fellow application period opened yesterday, we’ll host a
relay advocate

1) Catching up and following up on Rome things. Wrote a tor-dev post
about switching to two entry guards and (re)read a few related research
papers. Plan to write a second post summarizing Rome QUIC meeting.
2) ReCaptcha is still banning all Tor users. Should we organize a
publicity campaign about this? I find it deeply frustrating that they
have set themselves up as the gatekeeper of "legitimate" traffic for the
Internet and are now abdicating that responsibility in favor of just
simply banning portions of the Internet instead. Do any other orgs care
about this? [do we have any contact there? -steph][They actually don't
ban all Tor users but some of the exit nodes are blocked, true. Georg]
[I think it'd work best if we at least try to talk to someone there]

1) a lot of follow up for different teams from discussion in Rome (did a
summary for network team already, will work on reviewing+organizing
roadmaps tbb,ux,services)
2) working on upcoming grants follow ups: FB research one (for 'one
click solve all censorship problems') / OTF email bundle / Censorship Team
3) creating inventory of Tor swags in my house to build a control system
to help with reports (yes I will take shirts and stickers to
LibrePlanet) [Alison: yessss thank you]
4) prepared a short presentation on ux world at tor's land for LibrePlanet
5) Strong follow up with folks from countries we plan to visit on Q2
(this is priority after I catch up with Rome follow ups)
6) important - need help planning the FB research thing (head count for
research and final deliverable)

1) continued progress towards a censorship team (session in Rome)
2) is there anything we should do to help with execdir search? [answer,
no, the search committee is doing initial screening and that's a fine
step for now]
3) can we draw more attention to the relay advocate position? like, a
jobs page [answer: yes, we should make a page for it. Maybe Tommy will
start on it.]
4) we've been helping damian go through another round of "is each member
still active"
5) let's get to work on an invite list for santiago?
6) community council timing question: elect a new one next, or fix up
the guidelines next? [Georg: I think we should fix up the guidelines
first] [Alison: I think that's fine, and we can start the conversation
after the CoC vote which is planned for next week] [answer: consensus is
that we should have the next election on time ish, so we don't mess with
our process too much, and we can fix up the guidelines after that.]

1) Started providing metrics timeline events as Atom feed:
2) Explained why metrics are important and what we do to make sure
they're safe: https://metrics.torproject.org/about.html
3) Released Onionoo protocol version 5.1 with smaller changes to
handling nicknames and relay families.

1) Established partnership with Karisma Foundation (Colombia):
2) Released press statement with CHRDI partner to encourage OONI Probe
testing in Sierra Leone leading up to their next round of elections:
3) Integrated a patch into measurement-kit for allowing us to integrate
Tor into it: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/23846#comment:8
4) A lot of progress on the OONI Probe golang implementation
5) Almost caught up with the huge backlog of email and things to tend to
after a 3 week conference marathon

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