[tor-project] Notes from March 1 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Mar 2 09:30:58 UTC 2018

Notes for March 1 2018 meeting:

1) Will be at jury duty during this meeting. They assure me I'll be done
serving in time for Rome, at least.
2) Not sure about how team is progressing with pre-meeting stuff.
Isabela, please let me know if there's anything I need to organize for
you? (isa: I might need your help to create a plan with catalyst for
sponsor8 error deliverable)

1) the merge window for patches into Firefox 60 (the next ESR) is
closing next week, the team is busy with that

1) I am at workshop in Kampala on Research Methods for Internet policy
research in africa. I will likely miss todays meeting, but plan to read
the backlog.

1) Finished pad for TB team to organize their meetings of March 11
2) Working on Network team tasks for 6 month roadmap - plan to send
general orientation for the other roadmap and meetings by EOW
3) Finished job post for User Research Coordinator (should be out next week)
4) Reviewing design mocks from Antonela so we can present new website
portals at Rome
5) Reaching out to partners for in country work in the coming quarter

1) getting ready to leave for Italy
2) reviewing 2015 audit with Sue
3) finished updated budget for Sida
4) figuring out topic to apply for Facebook grant
5) followed up with Elaine from Fastly
6) getting ready for Duck, Duck, Go crowdrise fundraising campaign,
which launches while we're in Rome
7) reviewing ED applications as they come in

1) Added new links to Tor Metrics to download graph data as CSV files.
2) Released metrics-lib 2.2.0 and CollecTor 1.5.0 which will allow
sanitizing torproject.org web server logs once they are deployed.

1) Let's finalize the details for the SOTO. I don't see topics really
narrowed down. Should do we a group AMA instead? Maybe with some general
topics listed on a whiteboard or something to help guide the conversation?
2) I will share out the agenda for Rome early next week.
3) HOPE wrote us back and we're working on talk/table/workshop submissions
4) Libreplanet plans are moving right along
5) Lots of work on LFI curriculum.
6) job postings for Sponsor 9 are done
7) started contacting Sponsor 9 partners :)

1) newsletter going out today
2) working on accessible onion services overview for funders
3) edited/ing a few blog posts
4) made a new banner for conferences with antonela's support
5) responding to press inquiries.

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