[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 26 June 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Jun 27 17:32:00 UTC 2018


Even though the meeting yesterday was a bit bumpy due to OFTC issues
here come the usual notes and link to the chat log. For the latter see:


The notes from the pad are:

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

    -alpha release
    -next meetings (brade: July 2; discuss future meetings at that
meeting or via email)  (GeKo: I can't make it on Monday, sent a mail to
tbb-dev for further planning
    - sysrqb: do we have a process for including new bridges in TB?
(GeKo: yes,
    - sysrqb: rustconf - 16-17 August, in Portland, OR, USA - should any
of us go? (i'm thinking about going) (GeKo: sounds good to me!)


    Last Week:

    - finished #23247 (onion lock)

    - posted patch for #26039 (extension-overrides.js)

    - posted patches for #26355 (no install/update on Vista or lower)

    - discovered and investigated #26456 (HTTP onions tabs inherit
certificate info from previous HTTPS pages)

    - #859782 (run without /proc) now fixed in FF62

    - discovered an issue with pdfjs while working on #26039,
disableRange option now seems to break pdfjs altogether, will file a bug
in a hot sec

    This Week:

    - post fixups for #26039

    - figure out and fix #26456

    - file bug for pdfjs issue and investigate

    - backport patch #859782 to ESR60 TorBrowser

    Last Week:
        - #9145 (enable hardware acceleration); under review
        - #26251 (build Snowflake for macOS); under review
        - #26319 (update mach build package); under review
        - #26186 (remove intl.locale.matchOS); merged
    This Week:
        - #26216 (MAR generation broken)
        - #12968 (Specify HEASLR in MinGW-w64)

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Continued with #22074 (Review Firefox Developer Docs and
Undocumented bugs since FF52esr). GeKo: Did you already file bugs for
the things you found in the Dev Docs? mcs: No, we will do that.
    - Worked on — but did not find the root cause of — #26381 (about:tor
page does not load on first start in localized Windows bundle) (Arthur
says: could you post your "headless" branch of tor-launcher? I'm curious
if it fixes 26506 symptom) mcs: We will clean it up and post it. Arthur:
thanks! :)
    - Helped with bug triage, code reviews, and testing of esr60 fixes
and backports.
  This week:
    - Help with the Tor Browser 8.0a9 release, especially updater testing.
    - Continue on #26381 (about:tor page does not load on first start in
localized Windows bundle)
    - Assist with #26506 (NoScript not working on TBB/ESR60 on Windows)
    - Look at #26477 (Meek is broken in ESR60-based Tor Browser)
    - Continue on #22074 (Review Firefox Developer Docs and Undocumented
bugs since FF52esr).
  Note: We will have reduced hours next week due to the U.S. July 4th

    Last week:
        - helped build/publish the new releases
        - reviewed some patches:
            - #26362: Use old MAR format when generating the MAR files
for the first esr60-based alpha
            - #23561: Fix NSIS builds for Windows 64
            - #26424: Disable using UNC paths via preference
            - #26221: Backport patch for bug 1444532 to Tor Browser
stable (7.5)
        - made some patches for:
            - #26428: temporary fix to avoid https-e submodule error
            - #26440: move vaulted vars to a separate directory
            - #26461: Generating incrementals fails if the
release/signed or alpha/signed directory doesn't exist
            - #26450: disable dependency on firefox-langpacks in testbuild
            - #26489: dmg2mar script is broken due to added whitespace
in "Tor Browser"
            - #26496: Set MAR_OLD_FORMAT=1 in dmg2mar
            - #26380: Remove tor browser sandbox from the download page
        - started working on a patch for #26323 (Build 32bit Linux
bundles on 64bit systems)
        - booked flights for mexico meeting
    This week:
        - continue with 8.0a9 release
        - doing some reviews
        - fill upstream binutils ticket for #26148
        - continue work on some ansible roles for testsuite VMs setup
    PSA: I plan to be on vacation from 7/14-7/22

    Last Week
      -release preparations (including hotfixing a bunch of release
blockers for the alpha over the weekend)
      -release signing
      -patches written for seatbelt profiles removes (#26438),
unbreaking our Linux32 alpha builds (#26462)
      -reviews: #23247, #26428, #26440, #20628, #26451, #26039, #26461,
#26186, #26430
    This Week
      -help with the alpha release
      -bug triage after alpha release taking release fallout into account
      -more network code audit
      -work on tracking down the rust related reproducibility issue we
found (#26475)
      -more reviews
      -getting up to speed again with the tor browser for android state
and focusing on getting it moved forward towards the alpha release
      -prepare meeting with Cliqz folks
    PSA: I plan to be on vacation from 7/8-7/16 (inclusive)

    last week:
        - Rebased TBA patches onto 60.1.0, more testing (#26401)
        - Finished first-round proxy-safety audit (#21863)
        - Windows/OSX/Linux Sandbox investigation
        - Recovery from all-hands
        - Some thinking about Tor+IPv6 because mobile networks are
adopting it faster than others
        - Created some more tickets from auditing #26401
    This week

        - Setting up local proxy-bypass test environment for Android

    - Setting #26401 in needs-review, really this time

          - More sandboxing investigation, and hopefully writing an email

              - I'm making notes

    Last week:
        - Investigated the Gecko Mozilla Update Service, the comment #9
describes my finds (#26242)
        - Commented out the ticket #26318 (Consider different
installation methods) about a proposal how we can validate de app.
        - Started updating UpdateService to support F-Droid (I will open
a ticket about it this week).
    This week:
        - Send patch to make UpdateService support F-Droid
        - Make UpdateService to use the app directory(sandboxed) instead
of an external storage.

    Last week:
        - Investigated #26322 (Circuit display - UI bug - Long v3 name)
        - Wrote a patch for #26430 (New torbutton icons)
        - Patch for #26321 (Remove some menu items from torbutton and
move to Fil/hamburger menu
        - Reviewed #26058 (Revert #18743 - "Sign in to Sync" icon not
        - Wrote patch for #20629 (More locales for Tor Browser)
        - Patch for 26451 (HTTPS-E update)
        - Opened and patched #26500 (Torbutton relay icon in the wrong
        - Opened and investigated #26506 (NoScript not working on
TBB/ESR60 on Windows)
        - Investigated
(extension startup race affects noscript control)
    This week:
        - Keep looking at #26506, #26128 comment 13 issues
        - More UX issues in 8.0a we need to fix (some of which I will
file today)
        - Optimistic SOCKS. HTTP/2 if there is time
        - Help verify build as needed

 - mingw-clang (Jacek) goes swimmingly! We have a successful build in
TaskCluster, and Jacek is cleaning up patches and getting them reviewed.
 - Unsure of how far along he is in his contract though
 - I have yet to dig into
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1470772 but plan to tomorrow
 - Are esr60-based builds going to have a Windows x86 release? Are
esr60-clang-based builds? (GeKo: it sems 32bit Windows builds still seem
useful, we keep them for now)
  - Answer: Yes.
 - I am working on fuzzyfox
 - I replied to tor-qa about alpha 9 on Windows.

    Last week:
         -Got builds working in my environment: tor-browser desktop,
rbm, Fennec
    This week:
        - Working on getting mobile tor browser build working


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