[tor-project] Notes from June 21 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jun 22 07:30:41 UTC 2018

Notes for June 21 2018 meeting:

0) I'd like to call out Tom Ritter as being really super helpful last
week at Mozilla All Hands, for organizing many many meetings for us and
Mozilla folks, and making sure that our time there was really
efficiently well spent. Thanks Tom!
1) Can we find a better duckduckgo contact for Isa?  (better than what?
What does Isa need the contact for? I have contacts at DDG.- Shari)
2) Shari, followup: status of funding-by-category-by-year spelunking?
(maybe I'll be able to get back to that next week. that would be nice.)
3) Shari, followup: is sida money we-have-to-spend-it-to-keep-it? (no)
4) Mike: please confirm receipt of SponsorWTFPad annual report mail
[Mike - I do not have a fastlane account. In the past, I sent you and
Matt a bullet list of items to become the final report.. Am I supposed
to write the whole thing this time?]
5) GeKo: Shari's funding pipeline report said there's $16k left in the
OTF bug bounty funding, scheduled to end in August. We can get an NCE,
so no huge deal, but I wonder if we should expand our publicity for the
bug bounty program? "People aren't finding security bugs as quickly as
we'd budgeted for" is something Steph can use too maybe. [GeKo: More
publicity sounds good to me, and, yes, doing the NCE thing as well]
6) Arturo: did we ever hear from Roya about the Michigan NSF small? Else
I'll mail her and ask. (No, last update was November 2017. Though maybe
that is also news to you. It seemed like it was moving forward and they
asked us to submit a budget about it. I guess it's still probably a good
idea to checkin and see what the status of it is. - Art.)
7) Nickm: Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) is in Boston at the end
of October: https://conferences.sigcomm.org/imc/2018/ The past few years
the program has listed some awesome-looking talks. I can't go because of
the OTF summit, but you could!
8) I mailed a bunch of people asking who else Isa and I should connect
to for our Taipei trip. Let us know if you know somebody too.

1) going through resumes for new fundraising director
2) a few followup items from board meeting
3) finalizing contract for Mexico hotel and meeting space; other meeting
4) need to work on budget reporting for Sida
5) finally feel like I've gotten rid of emergency stuff; trying to catch
up on a bunch of other stuff next week

1) SVN has become more urgent.
2) We've begun moving things around the tor codebase a bit to try to get
it in better shape for future modularity/refactoring/disentanglement
work.  If you are maintaining any patches on Tor, now is the time to get
them upstreamed. :)

1) Getting back up to speed after vacation.
2) Need to decide between prioritizing more Sponsor2 work before the
report vs packaging vanguards and doing final experiments.

1) Attended CLSI (CitizenLab Summer Institute) in Toronto where we
facilitated 2 sessions
2) Interviewed 5 community members for the "OONI Community Interviews"
3) Published a research report on internet censorship in Nigeria:
4) Creating materials for an OONI MOOC
5) Formed a new partnership with the Jordan Open Source Association
6) Made a lot of progress on implementing an OONI Psiphon test
7) Progress on OONI Explorer revamp work

1) Performed an analysis of OnionPerf data, in particular circuit build
times (#25774).

1) going to the American Library Association conference tomorrow, will
be telling people about LFI and Tor
2) working on meeting planning
3) LFI is in week 3
4) Colin is finalizing the PETS relay ops meetup
5) Gus and I are working on the Kenya trip for sponsor9
6) we will soon start writing docs for Tor Browser 8.0
7) still have no details from HOPE about when our talk will be, hoping
to get that soon so we can coordinate our booth times

1) release preparations for stable and alpha
2) Mike: Did we get some results out of the
Tor-users-are-prevented-from-solving-CAPTCHAs measurements that were
supposed to get done? [About two months ago they did a scan and it was
fine. But I think it may have regressed, based on my personal experience]

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