[tor-project] Notes from June 7 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jun 11 05:48:19 UTC 2018

Notes for June 7 2018 meeting:

1) on my near-term todo list: helping isa and hiro figure out a good
design for search on the support portal
2) i'll be doing my foci paper reviews this week / this weekend
3) i'm at mozilla all-hands next week

1) In addition to the Linux nightlies based on ESR 60, we have them for
macOS working now, too. The release date for the first alpha based on
ESR 60 is still planed to be June 26/27.
2) Where are we with the meek/moat/domain fronting situation? Did Amazon
or anyone else signal they seriously want to help us? What are our next
steps? [GeKo: We'll coordinate over IRC and get the ball rolling again]
3) Nick: There is interest in the tbb-team to use the "status: " update
mechanism as well. Would that work for you? Or should we look for
something else? (Go ahead! -Nick)

1) Completed OONI Explorer mockups:
2) OONI Probe iOS is almost ready for usability testing
3) Pakistan's Media Matters for Democracy published a report on the
blocking of a political party site (in the run up to elections) based on
OONI data:
4) Next week Maria and Arturo will be attending the Citizen Lab Summer
Institute in Toronto and facilitating OONI workshops

1) working on job descriptions
2) met with Isa and Roger when they were in town; got lots of assignments ;)
3) working on 2018-2019 budget
4) working on board book for meeting June 20
5) reviewing lots of stuff related to Mexico City
6) reviewing Dark Web materials to prepare for video production
7) submitted MDF grant proposal; several grant proposals in process
(including OTF request for full proposal)

1) Recovering from Seattle travel
2) Network team meeting went pretty well
3) Looking forward to new timesheet process (?)
4) Planning some significant refactoring leading into 0.3.5.

1) working on PM job description
2) 2nd round of interviews with User Research Coordinator
3) organizing things for Colombia
4) getting sponsor8 NCE request done
5) met with Network Team in Seattle and with Shari
6) helped a bit with MDF grant proposal
7) following up with tasks related to UX Team and Services work
8) next week i will be at Mozilla All Hands
9) met with Cliqz CEO and will continue conversation regarding their
private tab experience with Tor; reviewing the Brave beta experience as
10) organizing some sponsors reports

1) Upcoming blog posts: finished working on a post with hiro on fb /
tracking / tor browser, published in the next couple days. Also an
upcoming post by Colin on the Barcelona PETS meet up, pending final
location info.
2) Trying to get a couple corrections on stories about Tor. Got an
arstech post updated which inaccurately called out a 0day. Waiting to
hear back from TH about a story where they say we “announced” something
they pulled from public notes.
3) Preparing for a conf in pittsburgh June 21
4) Will be at All Hands next week in SF
5) Def Con: will submit an AMA for Roger in the crypto village— will
look into the process today. will see if we can have some time to just
be at a table, talking, handing out materials (can't give goods for
donations though)
6) Drafted an internal doc on dark web talking points
7) Connected with a contact in Kenya about upcoming Tor trip

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